Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to Get the Most Out of a Kit?

Still working with Scrapbook Circle's August offering and as I have said before I was gonzo for this kit.  Most of the pages created were of scenic photos... which are usually problematic for me. 

But what I really wanted to talk about a little bit was how to actually work with your monthly kit club offering to get the most out of it.  I was able to make seven pages from this particular kit.  I got nine pages from the one Gossamer Blue kit I experimented with.  How does this happen? 

Gotta slice those papers up.   Just.  Have.  To.  Cut.  Them.  Up.  

And this is what it looks like. 

Often there is a print on BOTH sides of the paper that I particularly like and that I want to use.  So why choose between them?  Slice it up and use a bit of both...on the same page even. 

That wonderful Native American type print on the dark woodgrain background is simply gorgeous, but I also liked the gray hash mark print on the opposite side.  And I felt that as much as I loved the white and dark wood grain native print, it would be just too, too much if used as a full background.  By slicing it and flipping the larger middle piece over I got to use both sides. 

I did the same thing with the small triangle/mixed color stripe paper; loved both sides, so just slicing them into strips and flipping them over allowed me to see and use both sides.  Then I re-assembled the strips and glued them onto a 12x12 background piece that I am not likely to use at all.  That piece came out of a pad of paper and I knew I wouldn't miss it. 

Add photos, title and just a bit of embellishment and here you go. 

The photos are (kind of) a panoramic out over the canyon, so I just trimmed them up and put them side by side.  They really aren't on full layering pieces of paper; it's just little leftover strips and pieces tucked in to appear as if there is a larger piece behind the photo. 

As I said I mostly attacked  photos of a canyon park that we did a little side trip to on our trip along Route 66.  Palo Duro was very pretty, but it wasn't easy for me to scrap.  Not until I got this kit.  I have more photos of the canyon, but I think those will go into a Project Life type photo page and then I will mix that right into the travel album alongside regular 12x12 pages. 

And, as much as I have loved working with this kit, I am (as they say) over it now.  Ready to move on.  Also, I think the sign of a good kit--- that you burn right through it--exhaust it really and then you are ready for something else.  Which is exactly what will be coming in my next kit! 

I will have a couple more pages to post from this particular kit, whilst I await the arrival of the September kit(s).   

later all!

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