Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Scraplift Twist

A note about scraplifting...

While I do very much agree that credit be given when lifting a page, I have just now spent Over An Hour surfing through old blog postings from a kit club where I am sure I got this page layout idea initially.  Do you think I can find that post and the person originating the design?  Well,   o.f.   c.o.u.r.s.e.   n.o.t.

The only reason this is on my mind, is that there was a recent posting on one of the sb fb groups I frequent calling out those that do not give credit where credit is due... not sure if this was in response to a particular design being used, or what.... I usually do not focus much on those conversations, but at the risk of offending someone, somewhere (who I cannot find in a timely fashion at this moment!!!), this is a page scraplifted, not once, but twice!!!  

This is my most recent lift (even using some of the same papers as the original scrapper did), I just really like linear format the page takes on.  This page utilizes the same main design, but places the design elements at the bottom of the page, instead of across the top. 

 This was my original take (on the scraplifted design).  The main design differences, as I recall, was instead of filling several of the metallic chipboard frames with cuts of paper and placing them,along with a smaller photo in frame across the horizontal paper layers --- I used the frames under my photo.  

I guess my point in all of this is it is sometimes next to impossible to locate and name the original creator of a page that has influenced you or that you are using as a basis for your own work. 

OK, having addressed the whole scraplifting thing, (being that now I have committed this twice!) the rest of the page details changed slightly in that I did not support the photo with layers of papers.  None, in fact. 

I also moved the title down below the photo elements, and  had added a layers of pale pink watercolor under the papers.  Instead of using a heart below the layered elements, I added a transparent piece of ephemera at the top left of the paper layers.  But the overall design remains the same, horizontal paper layers and a photo resting upon four chipboard frames.

I almost called the page done, but it seemed a bit floaty---the page un-defined. So I added a black and white striped piece of paper at the top and bottom of the page. 

Also adding a small sliver of that black and white striped paper at the top edge of the paper layers, just to continue the black and white in one more spot and to help move the eye from left to right toward the photo and finally on to the title.  

I do love this layout, but given that it is sometimes so hard to give credit where it is deemed due, I will probably not use this particular design scheme again for fear of offending the original artist.  That doesn't mean I won't utilize frames under my photo, or a linear paper design...just not this particular look.  I truly do not wish to take the credit for design(s) that inspire me, but I also do not wish to spend an entire a afternoon searching through fb groups and kit club blogs for purposes of identification.

So, all this being said, I will more than likely continue to be inspired by others' work, but will have to save the page to a pinterest board or a private file with the creator's name and a date, just in case I ever need to reference that information. 

Do be inspired by others' work.  Do use page designs and ideas that work for you.  Do scraplift.  Do attempt to give credit where it is due.  Do not send a scraplifted page off for publishing purposes or as part of a design team call.

And that is all I have to say about that.

best to all!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another 27 Day Challenge Page!! And Being Mood Board Challenged...

I've said it before and here I go again... I do love these challenges.  Sparks me to dig out supplies I know I have but have sat unused, sometimes it helps me think a bit outside of my comfort zone, and at times---just having that date floating about in my head is what's good.  (I am very task---date---project oriented; it's that other half of my brain--not the creative side! ha ha!) 

The challenge this month was by way of using a mood board.  I know this sounds a kinda weird, but I am mood board challenged.  I always think they are pretty, but normally they don't move me toward a scrapbook page.  Um, as in, I have never used a mood board, e.v.e.r.  So here is the mood board... 

And I took away the pretty party banner, the colors aqua (lots of aqua) and yellow and the florals as my inspiration. 

I began by layering the photo between a frame and a bluish scrap of patterned paper and then piled that onto a postcard piece of paper ephemera.   All the layered pieces were going to be popped up off the page, but for the time being, I put them aside to work on the background.   Somewhere I have either yellow/white or aqua/white baker's twine for that tag, but darn if I can find it right now!!!  I'll tie that on when it turns up (sigh). 

 Next was to layer up a library card ephemera piece with stickers and a yellow/gold frame tucked behind and then fancied up a plain white tag with notebook looking paper and lots of clustered stickers.  Since the tag was white, I stuck another blue-aqua paper behind it and trimmed that closely.

Adding some color to a plain white card stock panel in my mood board colors of aqua and a few splotches of yellow/gold helps soften all that white and helps tie things together. 

After the watercolor was dry, the white cardstock was trimmed slightly and adhered to (whatelse) an aqua printed 12x12 piece (in a pattern I am not likely to use as a background--but the color was right!). 

The banner was hung below the popped up, layered, and stickered photo, tag, and library card.  I also added a small snippet of banner to the top left corner of the page and added a chipboard sticker there, as well as sprinkling on some pretty aqua chipboard hearts.  Added just a touch more color by adding a couple of puffy floral stickers to the banner.  The title was from the same sticker sheet as the puffy flowers. 

I used up a slew of stickers from an old Amy Tan sticker book and a bunch of ephemera pieces and cut-a-parts from past kits.  The banner is from Dear Lizzy---it was a whole page that you punched out this really long banner out of.  It's been in my stash for several years.  But goodness, I only used up about quarter of the banner on this layout (might be time to make some cards with banners on 'em...).

Yet, another challenge accepted and completed! 

happy scrappin'! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another Boy Page -- The Softer Side!

OK, I know, not everyone wants to water color an entire background.  My message here is that you don't have to create a masterpiece; you don't have to have expensive art supplies; you don't have to be an artist. 

A background like this is merely an extension of the background in the photo.  No details, just continue the colors and the horizon line.   I probably would not have created this background at all if the photo contained that elusive kite!!  Without the kite in the photo, it's kind of hard to tell what's going on other than a little boy standing in a field!!  LOL  But if the photo had the kite in it, then the little boy would have been really teeny in the photo. 

So, starting at the beginning, I painted a pretty concoction of blues across the top of the page, let that dry.  Then washed various shades of greens across the bottom and mimicked the horizon (the hill) in the photo.  Let that dry.  Add some deeper greens/browns in kind of a plotch method (plotch, a technical term, haha, meaning to plotch your paintbush up-down, up-down).  Let that dry.  I didn't want it to match exactly... just give the illusion of the photo softly continuing. 

Once I was happy with the colors, popped the photo into place and added one slim strip of black and white striped paper, plus a couple of wood veneer pieces to accent. 

Then at the lower edge of the photo I used a cluster of stickers and another small sliver of the black and white striped paper (cut into a banner). 

This particular watercolor paper is not exactly 12x12, so I added thin pieces of the navy polka dot paper along each side.  That gave a small, but defined border to the page and extended the size to 12x12. 

The title came from that song in Mary Poppins in one of my favorite Thickers styles.  It just feels storybook-like to me. 

Anyway, it's a boy page; definitely a softer side to a boy age though!  Even if you think you can't watercolor, I encourage you to give it a try.  I am not a watercolorist at all.  And these are cheap-o student grade watercolors. 

Not "boy" tips... more like beginning watercolor tips...

Tip #1, use lots of water, adding color in layers.
Tip #2, dry between the layers of paint.
Tip #3, don't sweat putting in details. 

That's it! 


Thursday, April 6, 2017

NOT a Boy Page!!! --- Jr. Spirit Squad!

I'm back!  Really did not plan on taking a several week break from the computer and blogging, but there it is.  I was happy to have my kids and grandkids come to visit last week (which took a week of prep to get ready for them! LOL!).   I've also had a bit of a relapse with regard to my RA which can make working with my hands difficult.  But enough on that... on to scrapbooking which always makes me feel better! 

I had multiple photos of my granddaughter from the half-time basketball game at which the "Junior" Spirit Squad performed.  Love the sunglasses the girls were sporting!  Love that sassy attitude that comes through! 

As usual I worked from the colors in the photos, finding the perfect blue arrow print along with the black and white print.  Those were cut into two angular sections and overlapped on a white background sheet. 

Because there was so much going on in the photos themselves and I wanted to use multiple photos, I chose not to layer them at all, but rather to arrange them in a tight configuration.  I did accent the photo arrangement with several small puffy stickers and one label sticker, placing those at the left, leading side. 

The title found its home at the right side of the photo arrangement and I added a border by way of another puffy sticker (snipped int two pieces) for the title to kind of sit upon.  And I also could not resist placing the sunglasses puffy sticker jauntily at the top of the title!

Many time when working with multiple photos, especially when there is a lot of activity going on in the photos, I find I am happier with the "less is more" tactic.  There are exceptions of course, but usually for me I am happier with the outcome if I do not over do it. 

A little outlining and some journaling completed the page and tha-a-a-a-a-at's all folks! 

I was happy to get these girls' first performance documented and I hope they have many more occasions to perform (and for me to scrap!). 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy 21st --- A Boy Page!

Oh Boy  (silly pun intended) I had been waiting for my March Gossamer Blue kit to get this photo scrapped.  My eldest grandson turned 21!  His mom and his uncle took a little road trip to his college town to take him out on the town on his special day!  (Thank you to Uncle Matthew for taking the photo!)  I just knew when I saw the sneaks that the papers in this kit were going to work out perfectly for my (one and only) photo of this most important occasion.   

After cutting the two larger printed panels, I used one of the branding strips and sliced another strip of the navy/white dotted paper and layered those at the left edge of the page and over the seam between the two larger panels.  Curling up the edges of the paper strips provides some needed texture, without adding yet more pattern. 

I used lots of layers under the photo, but only allowed teeny slivers of color to peek out. because I just felt that with all that pattern going on---well I didn't want it to get too busy.  The photo got popped way up (I stuck a thick slice of cardboard under it) and tucked in a couple few little stickers (one of which had my journaling on). 

Two little sunburst stickers were the perfect color and size for the lower right corner, leading into the journaling sticker. 

The kit contained a wonderful Thickers phrase set which supplied the happy and the stars---but I did use some additional letters from my stash for the 21st.  Loved how the white popped against the background! 

So, a "guys" type birthday page!  A fun, happy page to make which went together really quickly.  Gotta love that too. 

Tip #1; use large panels of large, bold prints rather than relying on embellishments and coordinate at least one of the colors in those prints to your focal point (in my case, it was the navy blue in grandson's shirt).  Tip #2; use starbursts or thought bubbles, bold type print, and bold embellishments sparingly (as in the use of several stars here and the happy 21st. 

Happy 21st Jacob!  Nana loves you!