Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Choosing a Kit Club --- Making a Feminine Kit Work for Boy Pages!

My new Scrapbook Circle kit arrived right before we left for Wisconsin and I am just now getting the time to work with it.  I sooooooo wanted this kit.  Looooooooved the papers.  Could. Not. Wait. to get it. 

But now that I've had it in hand for a few days and have put together some' not that I am unhappy with it, not in the least.  But it did feel much more feminine and I did feel like I had to stretch some to make a couple of "boy" pages. 

This is exactly why it is so very important for anyone looking to choose a kit club to try them out for a couple of months before settling into a commitment.

You do have to be realistic, you just are not going to fall in love each and every kit.  (But let's face it it, most of us have more than enough stuff in our stash to supplement a kit we aren't head over heels about and we will use up those goodies--just maybe not all together.)  Then there's another thing I've noticed among kit clubs and pages that are big hits on various blogs and such.  Most of us scrappin' fiends are women.  We are drawn to feminine details, feminine pages, feminine kits.  We just don't always keep in perspective that there are masculine types we need to give equal attention to.  So what's a scrapper to do?

Well there are several things we can do...first of all when you are choosing a kit absolutely cannot choose it on what makes our eyes happy on first viewing.  Look at a kit...go back and look again..closely, at the papers and the embellishments.  Are there any bold stripes, checks, lined patterns (those are the easiest to apply to "boy" pages)?  Or, is everything floral?  And even if there are a lot of florals, is there anything in a bold hue?  A bold colored floral is easier to add to a boy pages than pastel.  I added the little fussy cut dark navy flowers to the page to bring more of the navy down into the page and I don't think it's too girly.  Kind of artsy...and the page is about making art, soooo. 

On this page, I wanted to use a lot of blue--Jackson is wearing blue--he is painting with blue--so blue papers were used at the top and bottom of the page and I used aqua and light blue on the embossed water-color cards.   I knew I wanted to use a grid design; the four-square.  Two squares would be the photos, one would be used for a title and one I would use for the embossed square once I had water-colored it.  

I used another embossed piece and cut the feathers out to use on the title square.  As for the title I knew I wanted two different fonts, so I used the white acrylic "favorite" and the golden puffy alphabet.

Since I used the provided golden color alphabet, I felt I needed to repeat that color elsewhere on the page, just to tie things together.    I did not want a ton of layers going on, since there would be enough happening with the water-color pieces, so only a bitty smidge of gold peeks out from under one photo,
and popping small strips of punched gold patterned paper under the blue strips of paper at the top and at the bottom of the page seemed to be just enough.   (This was just a scrap--not included in the kit.)
added a few navy blue paint splatters, my journaling and called it complete.

Voila!  A boy page from what I initially thought of as a feminine kit!

My advice is to really look at the overall kit offerings from a club...and once you commit to a club membership, do not be dismayed by one or two kits that seem too feminine, too masculine, too cute-sy, too anything.   There are fixes you can work up to make good use of your kit.  You just wouldn't want to do it with each and every one!

have a happy scrappy day all!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kit Clubs and Reclaiming My Scrappy Mojo!

Somewhere along the way, not quite sure how, I neglected to post this layout...  And I do like this page, so I am happy to be able to share it now; especially since after having been away for a week, I had a difficult time getting my scrappy thing going again.   

Finding this page really made me think about that, how being away from scrapping for even as little as a week, made producing a page I was actually happy with, kind of troublesome. 

Oh, after we got back I got right back to scrapping... I had ordered a set of Prima Oil Crayons and I was in a hurry to play with them.  But, after putting together three different layouts, and then taking said layouts back apart again, I came to the conclusion I should switch gears.  So I opened up the kit from Scrapbook Circle that I had received right before we left and set about making some pages. 

Working straight from the kit made my transition back to scrapping go so-o-o-o-o-o much smoother!  I felt relieved of the pressure to "be creative" and just sliced, punched, and glued my way to my happy scrappy place.   Now, rest assured I will get back to playing with those crayons, but when confronted with a bit of a break in the scrapping mojo, working with the tried and true seemed like a better choice (for me anyway).  And it worked! 

Now, for details on the "found" page!  Papers are from the June Gossamer Blue kit.  The adds from outside the kit are the Thickers, the flair badge, the little diagonal striped banner, and a scrap of vellum.  Instead of layering up the photo, I placed several patterned papers vertically over a couple of horizontal banner.  This created a sort of L-shape and a nice little corner for my title.  After I fussy cut the clouds from one of the papers, and did some outlining, I was done!  

As I have said before, I was really very happy with the Gossamer Blue kit and was looking forward to my second kit (their September kit).  Ah-h-h-h, but I procrastinated too long and they sold out.   So this is the last of the Gossamer Blue layouts, at least until their October offering is available.  Since I have to wait a few more weeks for a second Gossamer Blue kit, I'll work with my September Scrapbook Circle kit and then skip around and move on to Citrus Twist for a bit.  Nice to have scrappy options! 

Thank you kit clubs...for making helping me reclaim my scrapping mojo!! And thank you kit clubs for options, always nice to have options.    

best to all

Monday, September 19, 2016

Combining Techniques - Easier Yet Stash Crashing!!

Well, here we are with another edition of Crashing Your Stash and I guess what I want to talk about is how to combine a couple of the things I've prattled on about. And how, by combining techniques you can, again, make diving into your stash a little easier, a little quicker, the process a little bit smoother. 

You see, just like anything else, the more you perform certain tasks, the easier they become.  And by repeating techniques, the quicker the process can be! 

The above page sports an old photo, as well as older products!  It was left from a layout I had done several years ago, and I just wanted to make use of the photo and leave a little message for my granddaughter within the page. 

Papers are from Webster's Pages, a small collection pack I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I used the lime green and the gray, because those are the colors in her little outfit.  The pink came into the picture first because of the little flowers in the paper scattered amongst the word "Today".  But as I worked on the page, it occurred to me that the pink also highlighted that little pink face! 

The other repeating factor is the page design itself.   Do you notice the similarity between this 

and this?

Cluster at the top left, photo block with adjacent title is almost centered on the page, and a small cluster or detail at the bottom right.  

The two pages do not look alike, so even if they were in the same album I doubt that the casual observer would notice the page design.  But, they won't be in the same album, so that's a non-issue in any case.  The point is, you can repeat page designs, and keep that scrapping mojo moving! 

This page also demonstrates the color technique; pink and lime green were the actual colors and neutrals are the white and gray. 

I also got to cheat a little and make use of the word "Today" as my title and I used it as a prompt in my journaling.

The only other thing I did to this page was to add some depth to those little printed flowers on the title block by putting a tiny bit of Glossy Accents on each of the flower petals.  It adds a some sheen and makes them look somewhat richer, rather than totally flat.

As I said, papers are from Webster's Pages, the stitched embellishments are Crate Paper, the pink graph printed tabs are from Studio Calico, and the vellum tapes (left from a kit) might have been from Pretty Little Studio (?).

I hope you dig into your stash, declutter your desk, use up an opened pack of embellishments, so you can purchase some new fun things---guilt free! 

happy crashin'!!