Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy 21st --- A Boy Page!

Oh Boy  (silly pun intended) I had been waiting for my March Gossamer Blue kit to get this photo scrapped.  My eldest grandson turned 21!  His mom and his uncle took a little road trip to his college town to take him out on the town on his special day!  (Thank you to Uncle Matthew for taking the photo!)  I just knew when I saw the sneaks that the papers in this kit were going to work out perfectly for my (one and only) photo of this most important occasion.   

After cutting the two larger printed panels, I used one of the branding strips and sliced another strip of the navy/white dotted paper and layered those at the left edge of the page and over the seam between the two larger panels.  Curling up the edges of the paper strips provides some needed texture, without adding yet more pattern. 

I used lots of layers under the photo, but only allowed teeny slivers of color to peek out. because I just felt that with all that pattern going on---well I didn't want it to get too busy.  The photo got popped way up (I stuck a thick slice of cardboard under it) and tucked in a couple few little stickers (one of which had my journaling on). 

Two little sunburst stickers were the perfect color and size for the lower right corner, leading into the journaling sticker. 

The kit contained a wonderful Thickers phrase set which supplied the happy and the stars---but I did use some additional letters from my stash for the 21st.  Loved how the white popped against the background! 

So, a "guys" type birthday page!  A fun, happy page to make which went together really quickly.  Gotta love that too. 

Tip #1; use large panels of large, bold prints rather than relying on embellishments and coordinate at least one of the colors in those prints to your focal point (in my case, it was the navy blue in grandson's shirt).  Tip #2; use starbursts or thought bubbles, bold type print, and bold embellishments sparingly (as in the use of several stars here and the happy 21st. 

Happy 21st Jacob!  Nana loves you! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Yes You Can! -- A Hip Kit Layout

Ha ha!  Sneaking a girl page in here amongst all the boy pages of late!   Here I used the last Hip Kit I received while researching various kit clubs.  I think this was the January kit. 

Both of my youngest grandchildren are taking swimming lessons this winter at their local "Y" and from the look of it, our Bella is loving it! 

I used one of the exclusive pattern papers as a base for a trimmed white cardstock panel.  The colors worked and the triangle pattern is not one of my favorites, but here peeking out as a border it highlight the color of the pool water and Bella's swimsuit and it worked out really well. 

I used several strips of various patterned papers that came in the kit, cut them in slightly varying lengths, but in the same width.  Then I just sliced away with a regular old pair of scissors.  While I think the fringe scissors are a fine tool, but I before buying a tool I always apply my own little rule.  How often am I going to actually use this tool?  Can I get the same effect with a tool I already have and can I do it relatively easily?  And last, how much does the tool cost?  In this case,I find I can slice up some fringe with just my scissors. 

OK, after slicing up my paper strips into fringe-y strips, I adhered them to the white cardstock panel and added a piece of washi tape at the top of each strip.  I also added two pieces of washi at the lower right of the page and at the very top upper left corner, just to repeat the colors.  The couple of puffy hearts are from my stash (an old Heidi Swapp sticker set).  

 The photo was layered onto several odd cuts of papers, scraps and journaling blocks I am not likely to use--but the colors were right.  I did not heavily layer the photo because I thought it would make it appear heavy and I really wanted a light feel, so that it would kind of float (swimming pun--LOL) on top of the fringe-y layers. 

The title nestled quite nicely among the paper strips and washi (used a puffy Pink Paislee alpha) and I anchored the photo using a big pink ampersand. 

Quick and easy, this would be a good sort of payout design to use up scraps and leftovers.  Truthfully, I had made up the page with a different photo in mind, but didn't really care for it... all I had to do to change over to this photo was swap out the washi tape(s) to coordinate a bit better with Bella's swimsuit---that's when the pink ampersand came into play too! 

Nice to play with a girl page!  But this could just as easily be a boy's page, just by using colors other than pink, I think (now I'm just doing silly rhyming, which indeed signals I am done with saying anything meaningful here!!!

have a great scrappy day all!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

More ABout Creating Boy Pages --- Using What You've Got

So you say that papers, embellishments, etc. are more geared to the feminine than the masculine?  Well, perhaps.  Today I wanted to critique several of my older pages, looking for the things that represented a compromise in working with what I had at hand, rather than running out to look for, say stickers that fit the theme of the page(s).  

In the page just below, I found anything I grabbed that had a red and black print overpowered the photo.  It was way too dark.  So then I started looking about at silver, gray,  and metallics.  Better.  But all the papers I had available at the time that contained metallics seemed to be wedding related! Um, not going to work for a motorcycling page!   

What I did have in my stash was washi tape in gold and silver.  And I had them in various prints and widths!  Even better.  Using a distressed printed paper for the background, I lined up row after row of the tapes and used that as a resting place for the photo.  Tucking a couple of kraft colored tags behind the photo also added a bit more visual interest and depth.  

The next page, ECO racing, relied on a couple of medium blue printed papers. The grayed blue colors coordinated nicely with the "car", racing suit, and the denim blue of the boys jeans.  The black printed, tire tread looking tape was a vellum strip that was really just a herring bone kind of pattern.  Torn and lightly distressed, I thought they looked like tire tracks. 

The other pieces (reduce speed, restricted lane, and the red dotted piece) were all cut from a scrap of travel related paper.  The page was pretty full, since I hadn't cropped the photos a lot, so embellishing more would maybe have been over-kill. 

The next page uses next to nothing for embellishment, just papers and a small snippet of lace.  Yes, lace on a boy page--- it was the right color and used in such small pieces, doesn't really look much like lace. 

The blue papers were printed with the waves  and swirls... but to use the sheet as a whole  would have meant that blue would have fought with the blue of the sky.  Plus with scrapping multiple photos, they would have covered much of the wave pattern.  The solution?  Cut out the most prominent wave shapes and use those to accent the photo blocks. 

Repeating the water theme by cutting large water droplet shapes and adding white pen work highlighted both the water drop and wave shapes, as well as contained the photo and journaling blocks. 

Tip #1:  work with the patterns in your papers, cutting out shapes, patterns or text to use as embellishments.  Tip #2:  Take a good long look through your washi tape (or ribbon, or border strip stickers) to provide coordinating colors and patterns to use collectively as you would a sheet of paper.  Tip #3:  Tags, buttons, and yes, even snippets of fabric or lace can add just the right accent. 

The biggest lesson is to challenge yourself to look at the supplies you have right at hand and see if small modifications can make them work for you rather than against.  Fussy cutting, distressing, tearing, pen work are all small things that can make a large impact. 

Go forth...make a guy a page! 


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

More All About Boys -- Today

What do you do with all that brown?

Not all boy pages, but there seems to be a multitude of brown in boy type photos.  And let's face it, brown is not always all that fun to work with.  And this was my eldest grandson's birthday!  To make matters worse, I actually created my own problem--cuz I bought him the crazy how to pick up chicks t-shirt and it was--brown!  So much for Nana trying to be funny. 

This was a perfect opportunity to raid my stash and I did!  Used a partial sheet of an old, old old Basic Grey dotted paper, a leftover strips of the black and white print, a gray and white plus sign print (from a kit) and a piece from that older Heidi Swapp travel pad again for the herringbone background sheet.

Now, if you notice:  there are no true browns in any of these papers to coordinate with the brown in my photo, gasp!  I chose a print with neutral grays, khaki, grayish blue, black and tan.  Straight neutrals don't drag you into blah brown, but also doesn't fight with it either. 

The edge of the gray print pieces got distressed lightly (just used my finger nail) and I tore a strip of washi tape for a softer edge to create a border at the bottom of the page and at the top repeated the papers and just tucked the washi up under one edge of the dotted paper.  Since the black and white print strips were hanging out there on my desk--well what the heck---threw those on too. Why not, right?!

Once the papers were selected, the photo got layered using scraps that literally fell out of the travel pad from past layouts and a piece or two of whatever was out on my desk! Tucked a few tabs in and about the photo; two of those came from a pack of ephemera from a Christmas kit and the so happy thing was from a Simple Stories pad.  Then I just happened upon the golden colored today acrylic and while I did have to muck about finding the right home for it, I think it feels right lying across the bottom edge of the photo.  

The addition of a black arrow ephemera piece at the top of the page helps direct the eye and I really liked the look of the wood veneer arrow with it.  But once I used one piece of wood veneer, I wanted to repeat the wood veneer look in two other places (trying to work in threes).  A wood veneer heart to the right side of the photo and another arrow under the photo accomplished that. 

I wanted another pop of black and I didn't want the randomness of ink splatters, so I used a few black puffy dot stickers.  Those I can put exactly where I want them (well, unless they are awfully sticky and fall off my fingers, landing exactly where I did not want them--don't laugh, it's happened, but not today!)

 For the title, I just decided to go with "today" and that, as they say, was that.  

So for boy page Tip #1:  when working with a lot of brown in your photo(s) look for a print that is full of neutral colors that do not compete.   Look for a basic print pattern, i.e., stripes, dots, checks or simple plaids.  Tip #2:  Dig into your stash of wood veneer(s) to use for embellishment.  Wood is perfect for a more masculine look.  

All in all, I crashed my stash, broke through the brown barrier, and got my weird Nana's version of humor documented:  I'm good with it!

best to all!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

All About Boys!! -- One Fish Two Fish

This photo has been in my to-do pile for y-e-a-r-s!!!  I either just did not find any papers that motivated me to use it, or the themed papers were all the wrong shades of blue... But today, today, my friends, I think I got it!!!  Don't ya just love it, when you wait and wait for something to  work and it finally does!! 

The thing is... none of these papers is new.  Not one of 'em.  I used an old Basic Grey stone washed blue background sheet and pulled other papers from an older Heidi Swapp travel related pad.  I think it was called No Limits. 

First things, first.  Cropped my 4x6 photo to a 4x4 size and layered it with various pieces of paper from the No Limits pad -- oh, yeah, I also used an old BINGO card between some of the layers!  Then cut a longer rectangular piece of notebook-y looking paper and tore one edge to place across the page under the layered photo.  Leaving more of this longer rectangle visible on one side made a perfect place for my title.  It would also make a nice place for an embellishment cluster, if you were so inclined. 

After the photo got layered up and was placed atop the crosswise paper rectangle, the top and bottom edges of the blue background sheet got chopped a bit, distressed and then red grid paper strips (the same red grid paper that appears under the photo) were tucked under the distressed edges and glued into place. 

I punched a few pieces from the remaining scrap of red paper and used those to aid in directing the eye to the photo and for another touch of red.  I also wanted a little black for some additional pop and crispness, so out came the washi tape! 

Still felt that the photo area needed some more definition, so I started drawing non-structured rectangles or boxes around it and while my pen was out, I added some more lines at the sides and at the top and did my journaling. 

I wound up some black thread (kind of thought it might look appropriate --- like a tangled fishing line, maybe) and added a couple light blue/gray printed hearts, tucked in a tab and a printed  arrow embellishment.   The title (a Pink Paislee puffy alpha) was placed on the longer side of that notebook paper looking rectangle  (the title came about because it was Dr. Suess' birthday this past week and it was just way cuter than "gone fishing").  Finally splattered some black ink and added a few puffy sticker dots and plus signs to finish it off. 

Now for boy pages...Tip #1:  Yes, you can use hearts on boy pages, just keep the colors of the page in mind and when in doubt go for a more muted color.  Tip #2:  Use angular lines and shapes. Here I  used penned line work and punches to create angular embellishments, like this large photo corner punch. 

I don't always love my pages... some I think ok, it's done, it's alright, some I think oh, I'm in love!, and some I am just plain happy with.  This is one of those, just plain happy types! 

have a happy, scrappy day!