Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Pages from INSD...

Sorry, small break in blogging due to, well, I just wasn't feeling very good with the sudden upsurge in temp and humidity here and husband was on a "we are not running the air conditioning already" kick.  Yuk.  I don't do heat and humidity well.

But I'm back with the last of my pages to share from INSD weekend!  Below is a page that I did for the using up old stuff challenge "One More Time."  Papers are ancient Echo Park, Amy Tangerine, and Authentique.  Found and used a couple of old stickers from Basic Grey, chipboard pieces from MAMBI, as well as leftovers from past kit clubs.  I had tried for some time to use various gray-toned and printed papers... wasn't working for me, so I switched and went with blues! 

The next page was the second one for the Mood Board Challenge and I used the colors from the balloon print paper as my inspiration.   

I particularly loved the blue-y aqua in that first paper, along with a touch of pink and red!   Raided my stash again, even though that was not required for the challenge, it was great to put more older product to good use---love that!

This page was created specifically for the One More Time Challenge again, using old MME glittery papers from their Laundry Line collection and a piece from the very first Fancy Pants release!  Stamping, some sequins, wood veneer hearts, wound up thread, tags and a journaling spot cut in half completed the page. 

This last page is the only entry I did for another FB group over INSD weekend.  I got so wrapped up and was enjoying the challenges from the first group I was playing along with that I kind of never made it back to this group.  But I did so enjoy getting this page done.  I had struggled with the page due to the photo's bright pink background.  It would have been much easier to scrap if the photographer had used a soft white background.   I am happy with the results, and happy for the challenge of working with "brights!" 

There are a couple more pages from the weekend, but I think I will use them within the context of another topic...fixing or do-overs for pages.   Yeah, not so happy with a couple of pages, so I'll let them sit and go back to them in a bit.  I did take photos, so I can show a before and after of the make-overs.  That should be fun!! 

Glad to be back in the blog-o-sphere and back to playin' with paper!! 


Thursday, May 11, 2017

INSD Page Recap Continued!

This set of pages that I created over INSD weekend had me digging through old, old photos!  Participating in the challenges in an online crop, sometimes means you are not (ah--um, clearing throat) quite prepared for what the challenges might be asking you to include.  At least I wasn't.  Which for some I guess could be frustrating; but for me, I found it exhilarating!  It made for a good reason for me to dig through a box of old photos, old supplies, and tools that honestly I like, I'm just too, um, lazy to get up and find and use!  LOL!

This is my now, well-over 30 year old daughter, as a cute little witch one Halloween.  See those little bats stamped at the top of the tag?  Cute, huh?!  I have stamps; I just don't often think of incorporating them onto my pages.  I tend to think of them for card making and forget about them when I am making scrapbook pages.  One of the other things to try and use was a geometric element.  I added the two triangle punches (in purple) at the top of the page, and it totally helped balance out that purple from the left side!

Bingo Challenge is a favorite of mine... use the supplies, photos, etc. noted in the "Bingo" squares, by column, row, or diagonally.  I had to use a 6x6 paper pad, a 5x7 photo or larger, acetate or acrylic shapes, squares or rectangles, and punches. 

The challenge for me on this next page as to use a 6x6 paper pad.  Not much of a challenge you say?  Well, it is for me!  I'm not a big fan of 6x6 pads.  The few that I have, I've had for  couple of years.  The other part of this challenge was to incorporate squares or rectangles in the page design.  Ahhh, cut those 6x6 papers into rectangles, outlined them and added stitch marks.  And what do you know?  I ended up really liking this page!  (I might even purchase another 6x6 pad or two.) 

 This one was created for the Inspiration Board challenge.  There were four papers pictured, we were to pick on to use as our inspiration when creating our page.  So I used one of the papers that had lots of triangles, reds, and blues (plus beige and I think there was a gold color.)  And this was my result. 

 It's ok, but it seems not quite done to me.  I hand cut, thank you very much, most of those little, bitty triangles and also used a couple of enamel shaped triangles.  And I used several of the colors from the same segment of the board.  Back to the page itself, though; I do like the borders, I like the tag cluster... but it just doesn't feel finished to me.  This one I will set aside and look at again (hopefully with fresh eyes) in a few days.  

My message would be, if you decide to participate in an on-line crop, or a challenge for that matter, don't get discouraged if you wind up not truly prepared for a challenge.  Use it as an opportunity to dig into photos left behind, or tools that you typically overlook.  And if you, like me looking at this last page, are not quite satisfied, set that page aside and look at it again later! 

Take a chance, try an on-line crop when you have the opportunity.  Nothing beats a real time, in person crop; but this was fun, challenging, and I actually got a tidy little stack of pages done! 

have yourself a scrappy day!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

After All the INSD Activity...

On-line crops, sales site(s) specials, you tube videos, and if you are lucky--a real physical crop!  I started on Friday, attempting (valiantly, if not successfully) to prep for an on-line crop.  Saturday morning logged in to one of my favorite FB groups and snooped about to get the gist of where to post pics, lists, when challenges would be released etc.  After that it was a flurry of paper scraps tossed on the floor, missing flair badges (still haven't turned those up, darn it), the camera battery needing recharging, and message after message just spinning by on my computer. 

So did a accomplish anything?  I mean besides needing a large glass of wine in the late hours of the evening.  Yeah!  Unlike my usual format of showing a page and then close ups of various components, I'm just going to post pages and a light description.

One More Time Challenge (using up older supplies, collections, kits or unfinished projects)... This has to be one of my all time favorite Basic Grey paper collections.  I only have pieces and strips of this and I intend to use each and every luscious piece! 

Even after purging at least half, if not more, of my papers and supplies before we moved, I still have a healthy stash of older things to work with.  So I did another entry for this same challenge!  This time I concentrated on using strips and smaller cuts of papers, not from any particular collection, just stuff that was stuck in one of my page planners from prior pages. 

And this one was a Scrap-lift Yourself Challenge...  as you can see looking at the previous layout and then down to the next one, I kind of like this little formula!  Photo on the left, title block to the immediate right, and thin coordinating strips at the top and bottom of the page.  

This next one was a Pick Your Favorite Holiday or Occasion Challenge and Christmas pages are one of my favorite things to scrap...love the colors, the kids faces, sparkly good things like ornaments, and yummies to eat.  . 

Since this post will get pretty photo heavy, I will post more pages/challenges again later.  But, the question is, would I do an online crop again?  Yes, in a heartbeat.  Would I rather attend a real, physical crop?  Well, of course.  But that's probably not going to happen down here where I live now, so online is my best bet.  And it does get me moving, I got some pages done and the challenges had me digging through some of my older photos to fulfill the specifics for the challenges, and lists of materials to use forced me into re-thinking some of my tools, and using up some of those older products! 

More next time about on-line crops and more pages I got done from this INSD!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beautiful - Mix Up the Kits

I already talked a bit about the tropical nature of the April kit, but I wanted to present another way to make use of a kit that perhaps isn't quite your cup of tea.  Something that Gossamer Blue does quite well is that while each kit has its own theme or feel to it, each kit seems to have pieces or designs or colors that work really well with earlier kits.  And that's the way I went in this layout; I used bits from each of the March and April kits, plus some things from my stash.

Now I am not going to say that this went together 1-2-3.  Because it didn't.  Boy, did it ever NOT want to work the first three times.  I tried three different backgrounds, and had my photos heavily layered.  It just wasn't working for me.  Way too busy... too much going on in the photos to have lots of paint and colors in the background or under the photos.  So I pulled it all apart...all except for the first layer of papers under the photos. 

Then using watercolor paper, I applied a very thin wash of pink and aqua watercolors and forced myself to stop right there.  (Which is kind of hard to do, cuz it's fun to keeping sloshing about in those pretty little pans of color!!) 

And even though I didn't want too much going on behind the photos, in order to add at least some color and pattern, I cut up short strips of papers, pieces of tags and ephemera, and applied those at the left edge of the paper.  Just for a little more interest, I added a tabbed piece and a label. 

Since there was pattern and color at the left of the layout, I glued a few of the same papers together and cut them into a large photo corner type piece for the upper right side of the page. 

Next was to add a bit more detail in the way of just a couple of text stickers to the photo block, then some black paint splatters, a few enamel dots and wood veneer hearts. 

Last was to add my title, which was pulled from a sticker sheet, and my journaling. 

Finally, after three attempts, I got a page I am happy with.  A splash of color and pattern, but still lots of open space for those busy, busy photos.

I guess the message is... if at first (or second or even third) you don't succeed, try, try again!


Friday, April 28, 2017

SWIM! -- A Gossamer Blue Kit Layout

Back to scrapbooking!!!!   Yeah!!!!    After a mini card making marathon...guilt took over after seeing the prices on greeting cards!  I really felt guilty, I have paper, stamps, ink, stickers.  I just needed to redirect and make up some cards.  But now back to our regularly scheduled programming! 

This was made from my most recent Gossamer Blue kit.  The April kit was full of tropical feel embellishments and sorry, this is always where I have issues with scrapbooking companies and kit clubs.  Tropical is pretty, but truly folks, not everyone gets to take tropical vacations!  In Wisconsin, swim lessons at the Y are as tropical as this Nana's pages are ever gonna get LOL! 

I was determined to use some of that tropical yummy stuff and chose one of the photos my daughter had posted on FB of the grandkids at their swim lesson.  I was equally determined to use one of the card stocks provided in the kit, but the solid color just seemed too harsh...too aqua.  The aqua just took over and the photo looked even darker.  After applying a coat of gesso (not quite to the edges), I used some of my new Distress Oxide inks from Tim Holtz to add a watercolor look . 

After the background was dry, I trimmed down my photo to eliminate a lot of the background busy-ness and started tucking tags and other embellishment pieces behind it.  Loved those palm leaf die cuts!  I also used a few of the palm leaf stickers, puffy stickers, and the adventure label. 

After trimming a bit off one side of the page and distressing that edge of the cardstock, I tucked a strip of luscious aqua striped paper underneath and added a couple, few tiny staples.   

The opposite side of the page got a little tear and curling back of the edges.  Then slid a piece of that same striped aqua paper under the tear so that it just peeked out at you.   The title was placed nice and close to the photo arrangement and I couldn't help but to stick on those two cute gold sparkly hearts!

The upper left corner got folded back and I stuck just a small square of another aqua and green pattern behind the fold. 

This was fun for many reasons...getting to play with the new Distress Oxide inks, using up those tropical type embellishments, and I found my aqua baker's twine!!!

I did not do any journaling to speak of, I may just add names, date and a love you and leave it at that this time.  Every page doesn't need a lecture or thought from Nana, but it always needs a love you!!