Saturday, December 10, 2016

Creating Joy - How to Coordinate Kit Club Papers

So, a little off the topic of how to choose a kit club, but important anyway.  Let's say you've chosen a kit club and you can't afford to buy the add-ons each month, AND you get a kit that although you love the papers, they are just not playing nice with each other! 

You can always use little pieces as I did on the "About You" page, but this time the papers all "individually" went with my photo; it just too much of same size prints, too much of just one color... 

I chose to cut the papers into two inch squares and quilt them together. 

 My original intent was to actually sew the squares down.  But my little sewing machine threw a hissy fit; and I need to wind a new bobbin and change the (now bent) needle.  Just do not have the patience right now to do that, so I moved on and decided to outline each square. 

See I loved these papers and they do well together, so now I am thinking forward on more ways to put them together.  It's funny how things work out, huh?! 

I crumpled some plain white cardstock and used some flat white cardstock, as well as a piece of the corrugated red that came in the kit; tucked in part of a doily, a couple of the tabs (also included) and a few silvery die cut pine srigs (I cut those). 

The Joy title was cut from the papers, and just to make the squares a little more interesting, I used several more of the included tabs and pretty much called it done. 

This has been a fun page to make, but now I have to go wrangle up a new needle, and fight with a little pink sewing machine (LOL)! 


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