Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Winter Wonderland - A Scrapbook Circle Page

Yep, that's me...let's just jump from a summer scrapbook page right on over to a snow-filled winter page!

My November Scrapbook Circle kit contained some snowy, some Christmas-y elements but many with pinks and teals as the color scheme.  And then I remembered this photo my daughter facebooked right after their trip to visit us in Kentucky last spring.  It had been 60-some degrees here, but the day after they got home....snow!  That's how it is in Wisconsin! 

The teal color of my granddaughter's winter jacket got me pulling out the little teal, aqua and pink snowflakes, the Wonderland portion of the page title...it's really what set the page in motion. I just followed along!

I layered a strip of snowball (at least that's what it reminded me of) paper down the right side of the page and started tucking in tabs all along it's interior edge.  Bent the edge here and there on the snowball paper and outlined it to separate it a bit and differentiate it from all the rest of the white of the page.  To balance and to repeat, I added a triangle hand cut from the same snowball paper in the upper left corner and outlined that as well.

The photo got layered onto a teal and pink plaid pattern paper, along with more tabs and two pieces of crumpled and flattened tracing paper.

To add my title, I chose "Wonderland" from the sticker set that was included the kit and the "in March" which was made using letters from the stickers set that originally spelled out other wintry words.

Next was to add just a few embellishments by way of a couple of banner stickers and some snowflake stickers (again, on the sticker sheet that was included), plus two extra large punched snowflakes that got tucked in with the photo layers.  I also used the back side of an arrow embellishment to counter balance the black of granddaughter's snow pants.

Last, I outlined the page and added just a quick comment at the bottom of the page.

 Once I got all those tabs to stay where I wanted (can you say sticky fingers?!), the remainder of the page went together quickly.  And I love that it is cool and crisp; and that I even managed to use stickers (something that I just don't do a lot of--for some weird reason I rather like fussy cutting things, what is w.r.o.n.g. with me!!!) 

have a great scrappy day,

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