Monday, November 28, 2016

How to Choose a Kit Club -- An Update... and a Layout!

This is only the second page created from my second kit from Citrus Twist.  Let me preface my comments with the following...  in no way am I going to ever say one kit club is "better" than another.  Ever.  It is a highly personal choice, depending upon what you scrapbook, your personal style, and your budget.

Which brings me to my update on Citrus Twist kits.  If you love embellishments, this is definitely the club for you! 

They ship reliably. On time. Every time. 

The kits include six patterned papers from newer releases.  You also get two sheets of cardstock and, as I said a lots of various embellishments. Oh, I almost forgot--a stamp set---love that!  In my first kit I received a Thickers alpha set, but the second contained a Thickers phrase (word) set.   

However, I found my second kit to be a bit disjointed.  Things just did not seem to go with many of my photos and I finally just gave up and went with the three pages I made that I was happy with.  And I am very happy with those three pages... and I am sure that I will use the remaining papers (they are actually quite nice) and supplies, just probably not together. 

My goal was to use two kits with each of my chosen clubs and to work with the main kit only.  If I were working with the main kit and an add-on or two, I'd have found it easier to create more pages.  But my aim was main kit

As you can see from my page, I didn't use a lot of the papers, just cut pieces to make banners and the chevron arrow thing-y layered with a circle cut-a-part and a couple of the word stickers.   

The papers that are layered under the photos are cardstock pieces from my scrap pile. 

The sequins came from a prior kit and I mixed in some of the puffy circle stickers, as well as using some ink splatters in medium blue and lime green.   I also used the stamp set below the photo, as well as on one of the cut-a-part labels. 

The title was created by rearranging some of the Thickers words. 

I do really like the finished page and I will have one or two more pages to talk about from this kit.  This would normally be the sort of page I would create to utilize scraps and leftovers, not right from the get go of opening a kit. I guess my lesson to be learned with this kit is more about how to use papers that you are struggling with.  I used just small pieces to create banners and chevrons... still leaves the larger pieces to be added to my stash and likely used with other papers from older collections. 

Moving on! 


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