Thursday, November 3, 2016

Diversity within a Kit Club -- No, Not the Political Kind!!

I am NOT talking diversity, as in ethnicity here folks!  I am talking about how many looks or types of pages can be easily made from one kit! 

Here, my Scrapbook Circle kit provided me with a nice vintage vibe for an old photo of my parents, circa 1948. 

I just loved the feel of those peach and pink florals on that green background...combine that with a touch of black and white and a bit more peach.... oooooh yummy! 

Before I did anything, I decided approximately where my photo was going to go and used water plus spray mist on cellophane  technique for added some areas of color.  Not a lot, just a bit of peachy pinky color that would peek out from under my photo.  And once that was done, I added a few splatters of peachy pink too! 

The photo itself was layered with crumpled tracing paper (my substitute for vellum, since I am out), a scrap of some light green patterned paper (that I had tested my little sewing machine out on), and a slim strip of the striped paper. 

I hand cut the border pieces since I wanted a slightly irregular edge on them, layered them up and curled and bent the edges.  Then added the striped piece (truly they are piece-s just spliced together)  and fussy cut a few floral bunches to use as supporting embellishments and to tie the border into the photo portion of the page. 

Took the opportunity to use a few of the chipboard pieces included in the kit down the left side of the photo. 

Once the photo was in place, it was easy to line up a few of the chipboard pieces.  But now I was stymied as for a title...I decided to use the smile chipboard piece as the title, so it went to the top of the stack!  I did have to alter it slightly, it came with the hashtag symbol and this being a much more vintage page...the hashtag was just not appropriate.  I just trimmed that off and lightly sanded the edge. 

This page came together pretty quickly.  The papers coordinated beautifully and the page design is just a matter of border pieces, so I was done in no time!   The border at the top was cut by hand again to allow for a slightly irregular edge and after bending up the edges, all I added was a doily piece and a few small fussy cut flowers. 

Other than my tracing paper, I used a few enamel dots from my stash and that odd piece of green patterned paper--not even sure you can see it.  And I still have another piece or two (or three) of paper yet to be used, more chipboard pieces, sequins and other goodies.  So far, this kit has provided me with a back to school page, a baby page, my little superhero page and now a vintage vibe page.  I'm thinking the diversity here is pretty good, huh?! 

Experiment with a test kit or two...see what kind of "diversity" you can achieve! 

have a great and scrappy day!

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