Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Learning to Overcome Embellishment Phobia -- a Scrapbook Circle Layout

I said, I am embellishment challenged.  I love them...I just don't tend to use lots of them on a page, at one time, together even.  I think I've been this way ever since I read a post on the old Two Peas board that someone said that pages with lots of embellishments,  "looked like someone had vomited embellishments all over a page". That's just gross.  And it was one of those statements that someone makes who is looking to provoke...but it was such a gross thing to say, it's stuck with me for y.e.a.r.s. 

But I have made it a mission lately to overcome this phobia or weirdness of mine and learn to use all these lovely things that arrive in our kits. 

I used a page from Jennifer McCurtrey on the Scrapbook Blog as my inspiration!


There's really not much to talk about...it was really was such a simple matter to sit and piece these pretty little chipboard pieces together, kind of like a scrapbook puzzle!  So here's some close ups. 

Not quite sure how often I will use this particular technique, but it sure did make a dent in my embellishments! 

The items I used from outside the kit are the scraps I cut the photo corner triangles from and the floral gems (gosh I've been hoarding those for years, glad to see some on a page finally!). 

I will probably always struggle a bit with using lots of embellishment pieces on a page, but I'm working on it!  And enjoying it! 


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