Sunday, October 2, 2016

Want to See How My Page Really Comes Together? or How to Make Good Use of Your Kit

I am using the September Scrapbook Circle kit; still loving these papers!  This is a little out of order as this is actually about the last page I made with the kit...  But I wanted to show you how you can put together those odd cuts that are left sometimes and make yourself a whole page out of the pieces and parts. 

First off, I did cut the center out of that blue and white floral paper before I glued a trimmed down piece of white cardstock on top.  I knew I wanted pieces and parts of that blue and white pattern on other pages so I actually did this first, gesso'ed the center of the white card stock and set it aside while I worked on those other pages.

When I came back to this, I had a cut up piece of the larger blue and white floral (I had fussy cut a bunch of the flowers from this) and I had a few of the flowers left that I had cut out, plus a sliced up piece of the geometric lined paper and a strip of that bold navy and white stripe, plus a tear off strip.  I kind of piece-mealed the photo layers, adhering the pieces together as I went and then set the photo with layers on top of the blue and white cut pieces.  Clear as mud, huh?  Well, maybe the photos will help.  This is what it looked like underneath...kind of a hot little mess going on there, huh?

When I laid the photo/layers/strips/parts piece on the white cardstock...  boy did that background need help!  Way too much white!

 So next I went to work on that white, white background.  Out came the watercolors.  My watercolor set is the cheap-o student set that Michaels sells.  It works.  As I painted the cardstock with lavender, and blues and pinks, I just kept holding the photo pieces and parts thing-y over what I was painting to get color where I wanted it and here you go. 

Finally I was ready to glue that pile of scraps,strips, parts and pieces down!  I added some details with a punched heart, a couple of the chipboard hearts included in the kit, a couple of the tab stickers, and got my title in place (the alphas were not included in the kit--I used some old lavender-ish Basic Grey, and the navy puffy alpha is from Pink Paislee).

This page was fun to put together and even more fun to try and describe!  LOL!

I hope this helps you make the most out of whatever kit(s), or pieces and parts, you may be playing with!


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