Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Saturday - A Gossamer Blue Layout

Aren't they sweet when they are asleep? 

Still working on my April Gossamer Blue kit.  It was full of pretty things, some very tropical type ephemera and stickers, alas, as  I've said before---not a lot of tropical stuff goes on in my everyday experiences!  But, there is still plenty to be created from this kit! 

For this page,I chose a patterned paper as my background, one filled with small typed text.  So it was still a "white" background, but it does have pattern in the way of all that typed and woven text.  The white did not compete with the couch color in the background of the photo and it allowed me to use some of the yummy pinks and aquas that were included in the April kit. 

After choosing the base paper I set about layering up some papers at the top of the page.  Didn't really want all nice straight edges, so I tore the papers and arranged them asymmetrically to soften the overall look.  Just to finish the top of the page, I added a small-ish strip of black and white striped paper.  (I love that paper--it's really a larger herringbone type pattern that I keep trimming off these striped pieces from!) 

Oh, I also added one of my favorite things, a scribbly penned border around the perimeter of the page.

With the top all set, I started tucking various pieces of papers under my photo of the sleeping princess, and I kept playing with that piece of ephemera with the Party, Sleep, Sun, Repeat on it, tucking it under, on top, beside until I was happy with its placement.  It seemed a little too square, so a nice pink tag added on the left side of the photo and layers offset that.  Then little star stickers, a golden geo-tag and arrow, wood veneer tab and camera, puffy hearts and gold sequins added small touches of sparkle and softness.  

A couple of phrase stickers with appropriate messages found a home in the lower right corner of the arrangement to really complete the photo block! 

I used a sticker for my title, and tucked in a few puffy floral stickers.  I still wanted to bring a bit of the gold sparkle to the top of the page, so I added some gold Stickles to the little white flowers, another sparkly gold geo-tag, as well as sprinkled just a couple of gold sequins about. 

Overall, the page design is pretty simple and I didn't want to over-do the softness with adding a ton of stickers, or die cuts.  I think just the few stickers keeping most of them close to the photo block, and just a little bit of sparkle was all that was necessary to make the page seem a little dream-like and yet keep it kind of cozy! 

Can't say it enough, just because you receive a kit that has a very definitive theme, doesn't mean that has to be the theme of the photos you use with it!  Look at color, twist the theme a little, ignore the palm print and use the other side... there are lots of ways to use that kit up! 


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