Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cocoa Vanilla You Rock! - Play On!

Whilst languishing about in my aforementioned summer funk, I engaged in a wee bit of retail therapy.  I had seen the Cocoa Vanilla You Rock collection and was fortunate enough to purchase some of it; not everything I lusted after was in stock :(   It's a great "boy" themed line, without being too little boy-ish or too heavily themed. 

One of the papers had various strips of prints across the sheet and taking advantage of that (since this cool black and white text sheet was one that had been out of stock) I cut out the text printed strip and cut it into two pieces so it could be applied at the top and bottom of my page as part of a border.  I just love a decorative border and I use them often, especially when trying to make good use of just a few pieces of a collection! 

On this border I trimmed the text printed strips with an irregular piece of red card stock (meaning I made the red strip thinner at one end than at the other) and also tucked in partial pieces of the gray print and the dark blue print papers.  Adding a doodled line or two completed the borders for me.  Well, almost... I just had to add that Boys Rule flair badge too!  

The use of the gray, dark blue and a black and white prints, along torn pieces of red card stock and kraft paper layered under my photo was a nice repeat of the colors in the border and the colors in the photo.  And even though I was happy with the layers, I added a messy, multi-lined, doodled border all around the photo, just to finish it off! 

I cut a few banner tails from scraps and cut out the "brothers" piece from a sheet of You Rock cut-a-parts.  Also added a partial ticket stub, and a phrase sticker (not from the You Rock line--just lying about on my desk). 

The title is made up of black Thickers alphas from three different partial packs.  A playful boy page is a great place to use up mismatched alphas! 

I am loving this collection!  So much so, that I will probably haunt the two on-line suppliers I found that carry Cocoa Vanilla (a great little manufacturer out of Australia, I believe), in an effort to obtain those pieces I was unable to order before!! 

In working with "boy" pages---today's hints: 

Find a line or two that you love and that will work for the guys in your life (both big and little) and hunt them down mercilessly!  No really, if you find something you are particularly fond of that works for the guys in your life, search those on-line shops, ask about the collection within your scrappy Facebook groups (that's how I found these!). 

And next, lots of layers needn't equate to a foofy, girly look.  Use small snippets and tuck them in with pieces from a crumpled brown shopping bag, and try adding a messy doodled border around the photo to act as another layer. 

And with this, I feel like I am overcoming this summer funk of mine---we'll keep at it! 


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