Thursday, May 11, 2017

INSD Page Recap Continued!

This set of pages that I created over INSD weekend had me digging through old, old photos!  Participating in the challenges in an online crop, sometimes means you are not (ah--um, clearing throat) quite prepared for what the challenges might be asking you to include.  At least I wasn't.  Which for some I guess could be frustrating; but for me, I found it exhilarating!  It made for a good reason for me to dig through a box of old photos, old supplies, and tools that honestly I like, I'm just too, um, lazy to get up and find and use!  LOL!

This is my now, well-over 30 year old daughter, as a cute little witch one Halloween.  See those little bats stamped at the top of the tag?  Cute, huh?!  I have stamps; I just don't often think of incorporating them onto my pages.  I tend to think of them for card making and forget about them when I am making scrapbook pages.  One of the other things to try and use was a geometric element.  I added the two triangle punches (in purple) at the top of the page, and it totally helped balance out that purple from the left side!

Bingo Challenge is a favorite of mine... use the supplies, photos, etc. noted in the "Bingo" squares, by column, row, or diagonally.  I had to use a 6x6 paper pad, a 5x7 photo or larger, acetate or acrylic shapes, squares or rectangles, and punches. 

The challenge for me on this next page as to use a 6x6 paper pad.  Not much of a challenge you say?  Well, it is for me!  I'm not a big fan of 6x6 pads.  The few that I have, I've had for  couple of years.  The other part of this challenge was to incorporate squares or rectangles in the page design.  Ahhh, cut those 6x6 papers into rectangles, outlined them and added stitch marks.  And what do you know?  I ended up really liking this page!  (I might even purchase another 6x6 pad or two.) 

 This one was created for the Inspiration Board challenge.  There were four papers pictured, we were to pick on to use as our inspiration when creating our page.  So I used one of the papers that had lots of triangles, reds, and blues (plus beige and I think there was a gold color.)  And this was my result. 

 It's ok, but it seems not quite done to me.  I hand cut, thank you very much, most of those little, bitty triangles and also used a couple of enamel shaped triangles.  And I used several of the colors from the same segment of the board.  Back to the page itself, though; I do like the borders, I like the tag cluster... but it just doesn't feel finished to me.  This one I will set aside and look at again (hopefully with fresh eyes) in a few days.  

My message would be, if you decide to participate in an on-line crop, or a challenge for that matter, don't get discouraged if you wind up not truly prepared for a challenge.  Use it as an opportunity to dig into photos left behind, or tools that you typically overlook.  And if you, like me looking at this last page, are not quite satisfied, set that page aside and look at it again later! 

Take a chance, try an on-line crop when you have the opportunity.  Nothing beats a real time, in person crop; but this was fun, challenging, and I actually got a tidy little stack of pages done! 

have yourself a scrappy day!

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