Thursday, January 28, 2016

More Auction Goodies!

It occurred to me that I never did post about the finds we brought home from the last auction.  We thought we missed last week's auction all together because of the snow.  I really didn't want to go out in the snow -- seemed silly to chance it for a cake stand that I'd been eyeing.  But the husband wanted to go so out we trudged and promptly got stuck in our own drive-way (to which I was secretly breathing a sigh of relief). 

Anyway the items below are actually from week before last.  And we had quite the little haul!  Spent a bit more than our mere $16 the first time out.  But the McCoy cookie jar was $30 all by herself and I just love her! 

The little Big Boy is actually a coin bank and while we are quite sure it has no real collectible's value to us is good enough.  That's the charm of memorabilia.  It can have a collectible value in dollars and cents, but there is no limit on the personal value! 

Also scored a couple more of my pretty blue tinted canning jars, a pink depression glass candy dish (for a whopping $3), a small silver creamer with two tiny spoons and a carved wood pull toy (that cute little goose-y guy). 

Isn't Big Boy going to look awesome displayed with the old soda bottles we found when we dug up the backyard? 

And I know, the cookie jar is collectible because it's black memorabilia and because it's labeled McCoy...but regardless of that, I just love her, just cuz. 

And that's the best thing about collecting, and auctions, and flea markets....  yeah, yeah, there can be a real $ value attributed to items, but most of the time for me it's more about the value to me, personally. 

Whether it's furniture, or pottery, or glassware... it has to speak to me.  It has to spark something in me, make me smile.  There is the real value.  Oh and guess what?  We didn't miss last week's auction at all!  It was cancelled and the same items were held over for this Saturday's auction!  Ya-hoo!  Keep your fingers crossed, I really want that cake stand!! 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

About Chalk Paint (learning as I go)

Just going to post my thoughts as I learn more about chalk paints (and distressing).  After seeing the results on loads of pinterest photos and after feeling and seeing the results of its application on several pieces up close and personal, I am utterly in love with this paint.  It has a soft matte finish which I just adore. 

My first endeavor with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint are/were these shelf supports.  I am learning as I go so I tried several different techniques for distressing till I fell upon the one that suits me the best. 

At first I tried the application of Vaseline in the spots where I thought distressing should occur.  This does work, although I found it a bit messy and not as controlled as I would have liked.  (Yes, ever the control freak...) Plus, sanding through the Vaseline just gobbled up the sandpaper.  

Then I went with a soft sanding after the applying the wax and buffing using a fine, fine grit.  Took lots of sanding and was a bit hard on this gal's RA ridden fingers.  It worked with much more control though.  

Finally tried sanding before I waxed, and found this to be the easiest and still allowed the control I tend to crave.  

Of course at this point, the husband is asking, "Why am I putting stain and paint on, just to remove it?"  Which might be a good question, unless of course you are living under a decorating rock and have never heard of or seen the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  I mean, duh, we just gotta have some distressed farmhouse-y feelin' shelves (and end tables, and kitchen table and chairs, oh, yeah and maybe a buffet-turned media table....)   

OK, I digress.  Back to distressing 101.  Truth be told, when I line all the shelf supports up together, it's hard to tell which one received what treatment, so how one goes about distressing is going to be purely a personal choice.  Like most things, there is no one perfect way to get that lovely, worn, distressed look, there is only what works the best for you. 

And now I have some shelves (from the dismantled shed in the back)  to color wash, stain, and wax....   husband is shaking his head again, asking if I am sure I want this much rustic.  Uh, yeah. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Before and Almost After, the story of a table...

So here is the sorry little dumplin' of a table before. 

Here she is sporting her new two coats of paint.  

And here she is "almost" after being painted, distressed and waxed.  I touched up a couple of spots where I was a bit overzealous with the sanding block and it needs another coat of wax.  But she is "almost" an after... 

It's funny, as much as I am loving the look of painted cabinets and painted dressers, etc.  I have such a hard time lifting a paintbrush to a pretty piece of wood.  Not so much the problem here.  This beauty was totally covered in chocolate brown paint when we got her from the Salvation Army shop. Had no qualms what-so-ever about covering this with white Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! 

This little table will fit in between the two wing back chairs in the living room.  The wing back chairs will make for an interesting project...picked those up at St. Vincent de Paul in Wisconsin and hauled them back down here to Kentucky.  They are dirty, and the fabric is dated.  So, I am going to try painting those too!  I'll be sure to post about that be it a success or a whopping failure!  Can't hurt them, all that can happen is we decide to have them reupholstered anyway.     

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Creative Entertainment

OK, so I can't really unpack my paper and art supplies into the drywall dustbowl that is now my house (let alone the fact that there is nowhere currently to store these things).  Now what does a normally creative person do for entertainment? 

Besides daydreaming about what various rooms could look like upon completion (whenever that may occur), or conjuring up storage solutions for a near closet-less house, we have taken to attending the almost weekly auctions at a nearby auction house. 

Our first week attending one of these auctions scored a small primitive bench and an antique tin full of goodies.

 (Please pardon the poor quality photo.  Amongst other things, my camera bit the dust before we moved and I am using husband's old HP, which is about to bite the big one...or get thrown into the creek, whichever comes first.) 

We spent a whopping $16, not counting the chili dog, two beverages and small container of Pringles, that was a whole $5 more.    No charge for the people watching. 

 It's cheap thrills (comparatively speaking).  Depending upon what you might purchase, it's way cheaper than going to the movies! 

The little bench is now holding a large stack of bath towels next to the tub (which, yes, also needs to be replaced--a whole other story that!).  And the tin, plus bath goodies?  Well for now they are in stand-by mode.  But I believe the bath goodies will make their re-appearance in the bathroom in an old cabinet I have set aside to hang up in there.  And the tin will probably show up again in the kitchen. 

Already looking forward to next week's auction! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Living Through Home Renovation

Finding my happy whilst living through home renovations is proving to be, um challenging. 

So folks, this is a small view into my life over the past several months.  This was my kitchen....after removing the flooring and damaged joists and replacing said joists.    Now multiply this by 5.  The total rooms that also required joists and leveling.  Sigh. 

And this is the kitchen today.

I wish it was a total before and after thing going on here, with my dream white cabinets, gleaming white stoneware on display, pretty wood plank flooring, and soapstone countertops and farmhouse table.  Alas, an improvement, but nowhere near done. 

At the risk of otherwise never maintaining this blog I am going to make a concerted effort to find the creative (even if it is not scrapbooking related) and blog about whatever that may be.  And in doing so maintain both this blog and my sanity!

Cheers to sanity! 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

So Here We Are - in Kentucky!

June 29 to October 24... that's some hiatus, huh? 

Life (at least mine) tends to get in the way of my best intentions.  You see we liked California so much, that we bought a house in Kentucky!  (Meaning of course that California was just not working out at all for us.) 

Between trying to house hunt from 3,000 miles away and how down I was about the entire situation, I just didn't have anything good to say.  And you know the old adage, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  (Apparently I haven't had anything nice to say in some time....argh @$)@&@&%^. 

So here we are in Kentucky. 

There will be more to say about this.... we have gutted half of this little house due to bad joists... and it will be some time before I am posting (or scrapping) about décor.  At this point, I will be happy to have plywood subfloors back in place! 


Monday, June 29, 2015

Sort Those Scraps - Happy Feet

Still on the subject of choosing and layering papers, still using my stash, but this time all the papers used (except for the white cardstock background sheet) are all scraps--all previously cut pieces and odd little leftovers. 

On the photo itself... Jackson was only one, sitting on the couch, watching a cartoon show, and I happened to see these little feet crossed at the ankle.  Something little that made me smile.  And I am finding that these photos are actually having more meaning for me and touch me more than the posed, everyone facing the camera, smile big type photos. 

It seems only fitting that something so little and inconsequential should be showcased using lots of little inconsequential pieces of paper then.  And what results?  It all adds up to something I love.  And so it goes, all those little fleeting moments adding up to something meaning much more.  Kind of cool.  And I think kind of like all the moments and days piling up, adding up to a life. 

ok, enough of the life analogies and philosophizing...this is what you get when I haven't had enough coffee!  Ha! 

Back to scrapping talk.  It was easy to find most of the papers since they were pretty much all together in one page planner; leftovers from a lot of the sports pages in eldest grandson's graduation albums.  As those pages were created, the scraps and pieces got placed into one page planner so I could continue to pull from it.  After his albums were completed, I just left that page planner together and put it into my tote when I packed to leave.  So when this photo pooped up again, it was easy to see it needed blues and neutrals to showcase it.  All I had to do was snatch up that page planner with all the little bits, strips, and pieces already sorted into just the colors needed!  

The white cardstock got a bit of inking in blues and tans, using a scrap of mesh as a stencil.  And I also added several wood veneer hearts (just cuz I liked the different shapes of the hearts and the look of the natural wood with the blues and browns in the photo and papers). 

The title is made up of two different alpha stickers, one is an old, old, OLD Little Yellow Bicycle set that I have used almost entirely.  The other, lower case alpha is from an old Webster's Pages alpha set.   Not a lot of journaling on the page...  Jackson's first Nikes, as mandated by his older brother Jacob.  Not really sure if all my blather about odd little moments adding up to something bigger will get journaled onto the backside of the page or not.  (I mean how crazy do I want future generations to think I am? LOL All right, I am so gonna go put these thoughts down on the back! hahaha)

off to create more odd little moments now,