Saturday, February 28, 2015

Still Christmas at My House = Another Christmas Page!

So, yeah.  I am still scrapping Christmas.  I do not scrap chronologically, at all.  If you've read my blog before, you know I jump from years and years (and years) ago to current photos with no real rhyme or reason.  It just depends on what appeals to me at the moment.  So I go with it. 

This page is again about our Christmas cookie baking adventures.  I love to get the grandkids involved.  They "helped" roll the Chocolate Crinkle cookies in powdered sugar, hence the white hands!  And you know what, they did a really good job!!  I so want them to remember these times spent together.  I want to remember the look on Jackson's face when he came into the kitchen, saw his sister helping to roll the chocolate cookies into little balls and proclaimed he could help too.  Until he saw his sisters hands all covered in sticky chocolate dough.  Then he wrinkled his face up and said... "Oh, no.  I don' wanna do tha-a-t.  She's all doo-ty."  So we switched to rolling the cookies in powdered sugar. 

The page is a mish mash of Echo Park (the background sheet), Pink Paislee holiday pad (the stripes used to border the page and for the layers under the photos), and Crate (the large cluster of ephemera to the side of the photos).  I had made a bunch of these cluster things several months ago (see my October 25 post ) after watching a video where this gal went through a pile of scraps and packaged ephemera, stapled little stacks of it together. 

Tucked in a piece of a doily, added a tab at the top of the photo block, and my title and journaling.   Oh, yeah...and sequins!!!   It's a Christmas layout...gotta add some sparkle! 

sparkle on everyone!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shhhhh. Here's the Secret Recipe...

I've never shared this recipe...  not like it's not in a cookbook or anything... it is, but it is an old cookbook.  it was in the very first cookbook I ever got, some 40 years ago!  These are hands down, the best sugar cookie e.v.e.r.  Soft, almond flavored, melt in your mouth, frosting piled high sugar cookies. 

Deluxe Sugar Cookies

1 C. butter or margarine, softened (must use Imperial Margarine, must)
1-1/2 C. powdered sugar
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. almond extract
2-1/2 C. flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cream of tartar

Mix margarine, powdered sugar, egg, vanilla and almond extract.  Blend in flour, baking soda and cream of tartar.  Cover and chill 2-3 hours.

Heat oven to 375 degrees.  Divide dough in half.  Roll out to about 3/16 inch thick (never in my life have I measured how thick the dough was...  but this is what the recipe says, so measure if you feel you must LOL).  Cut into desired shapes.  Bake 7-8 minutes. 

Now my oven bakes slightly "hot" so I set the temp at 365 degrees and set the timer to 6 minutes.  You can always leave them in a touch longer if need be.  But we really like a soft sugar cookie, so it's usually 6 minutes. 

Cool, frost and decorate. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Are You Still Scrapping Christmas? Me Too! - 19 Kinds of Cookies

My daughter and I get together every year for a weekend baking extravaganza.  This year, since there is a long distance move coming up, we really pulled out all the stops and baked over two weekends.  My son came along and man, oh man, with three of us, we really went to town!  19 kinds of cookies! 

I wanted to document this, because the annual cookie baking weekend has become a part of our Christmas tradition.  And even if I am not here, but across country...I know the tradition will go on. 

To mimic the colors of the cookies, frosting and decorative candies, I chose several papers from a Pink Paislee holiday pad to work with.  Trimmed down a soft green tone on tone pattern and centered it on a pink and red diagonal mini stripe paper.  Since my photos were pretty busy, I didn't layer them at all, but chose instead to use the other papers I had chosen in small irregularly cut strips at the top and bottom of the page.  After that it was just a matter of picking out the right spots for some embellishment clusters. All the embellishments (except for the white paper doily and the red crocheted doily) are from Basic Grey's 25th and Pine collection.   The 25th and Pine stuff really seemed to coordinate quite nicely with the Pink Paislee papers, so I will definitely be using them together again (Lord knows I have an ample supply of Christmas photos to scrap yet!!) 

The title is made up of red foil Thickers and an older alpha set from Basic Grey--not sure, but I think it from their Wassail line of several years ago.  No journaling, but there is a list of the cookies on the back of the page. 

One of the things I really want to do is to make a Holiday Cookie recipe book for the family of all of our favorite cookies and holiday treats.  It's on my bucket list of scrappy things to do!! 

yep, still working on Christmas stuff... 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Challenge Layout #5 - Craft Time at Nana's

So I had eight pieces of patterned paper in the Burlap and Bouquets collection pack and I am up to five pages completed!  This page was a challenge to do with this collection because almost all of  the papers have a distinctive grayed background and the photos had brights and whites... 

I used a white cardstock background because of the white styro cones in the photos...nothing else I placed it on looked right.  Then the white cardstock got trimmed slightly and centered onto kind of a peachy pink, dull red paper from the collection.  The other side of this paper was a reddish, peachy pink zig-zag pattern...just too busy. 

The photos were layered onto several papers (a happy scattered dot pattern, a minty green tiny chevron, the diagonal stripe and a small scrap of the aqua floral).  I wanted to use the bitty little alpha set that came with the collection pack, but I didn't want it to get lost, so I placed the title on a small kraft bag (kraft -- craft time,  silly pun intended).   The edge of the bag got tucked in behind the photo layers, journaling went on the tag that slides into the little bag.  Then I just added a couple of strips of paper at the top edge of the page and a few of the stickers, the flair badge and little sticker banners.  Last was to sprinkle on some of my homemade enamel dots (note to self:  must make more colors to choose from!). 

The phrase stickers I thought were particularly in sync with the layout; they read: "good things are going to happen" and "love you more each day".  Bella especially just lights up when I tell her we have a craft project to work on.  I want her to always remember these times with me as something special.  Kind of our thing together. 

happy scrapping today,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Challenge Layout #4 - Laugh

Still trying to crank out the pages from the Burlap and Bouquets collection.  I am actually finding this harder than working from the kit club.  This particular page I may not have ever posted, except for the challenge.  It was a hot, humid day; I had no makeup on at all, and had wound my sweaty sticky hair up on top of my head  Yeah, not a good picture day. 

But Bella was having such a good time while we were taking our "selfies".  When her Daddy came into the room and saw her giggling and carrying on, I told her to tell him what we were doing.  She was all over that, "We are taking selfies, Daddy!". 

I layered the green print on top of the arrow print to make the 12x12 background piece (since I had only partial pieces left of each).  Covered the seam between those two prints with a slice of the diagonal stripe.  I wanted to use the gold side of one of the papers as a punched scalloped piece, but I was downstairs and my punches were upstairs, so I took out my scissors and hand cut the strip into irregular scallops. 

Next was to layer the photos on some of the leftover scraps and get them positioned on the page.  I did some outlining and cut up a doily, adding pieces of it at the top and bottom of the photos. Two of the banner stickers plus one that I hand cut got tucked in with the lower doily.  I used the last of the cork words at the left side of the photos and then went to work on the top of the page.  I wanted to add a splash of white at the top to compliment the white of the doily at the bottom of the page, so I used a small white bag and placed one of the sticker phrases (cut into two pieces) on top.  Small strips of leftover papers were added at the top and bottom of the layout to help provide more of a frame for the page. 

Once again, almost the last thing I did was add the cluster at the top of the page and while I was doing that I added the enamel dots (my homemade ones!), a couple of the floral star stickers from the collection and another one of the flair badges. 

Whether I like the photo of myself or not, it was a fun moment with Bella and that's what counts.  She could care less about Nana's hair, she just remembers that we had fun taking "selfies"! 


Challenge: Layout #3 - One and Only Son

In keeping with the challenge, this layout is for my son.  I don't think I scrap about my kids probably enough---it seems like it's all about the grandkids.  So it's good timing for a challenge like this; it helped make me think about including more of the other folks (and animals) that I love. 

I did use a different background sheet for this page.  Did not look right on any of the collection papers and it didn't look quite right on plain cardstock either.  I happened on this sheet (the B side of an older My Mind's Eye paper) and the tone on tone brown worked out quite nicely. 

The other things from outside the Burlap and Bouquets collection were two buttons, the twine I used on the buttons, a doily, the blue sticker that says "Remember You Are Loved", and the little gold sequin stars. 

The photo is layered on several pieces of torn papers  and then onto the black corrugated cardstock that was in the package.  I wanted to build a somewhat vertical line, so I added the title at the top of the photo stack, tucked in the You Are Loved sticker at the bottom of the stack, along with a doily.  Then I added the buttons, flair badge and the mini sign, keeping everything tight and close so as not to ruin the vertical line of things.  I used another of the die cut cork words and kept that up close to the photo stack too.  Next was to add a few strips of the coordinating papers at the top and bottom of the page and build the small cluster at the top using part of the left over doily, a button and one of the little banner stickers.   Last I sprinkled on some gold sequin stars.  (I had tried some enamel dots, but they looked out of place--the tiny little stars worked out much better.)

More to come,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Challenge: Layout #2 - Happy Dog

I thought I'd do a page about one of our dogs, Abbie, for the challenge.  They are getting on in years now.  Getting gray in the muzzle. moving a little slower.  But they sleep right next to me at night (have to watch where I place my feet or I'm gonna trip on one of them in them in the middle of the night!), follow me to the bathroom, are waiting at the door when I get home.  They are truly unconditional love. 

I used several irregularly cut strips to create the border around the page, curled the edges a bit and then used the same papers (sometimes the flip side) to layer up under the two 4x4 photos.  I wanted to use at least some of the alpha set that was included in the collection pack, but I have to say I am not a fan of the printed burlap.  (What was I thinking when I bought this?  Not a clue.  I mean I still do like most of the papers... but not the burlap print...) But I was determined to use it.  I had also purchased a set of cork die cut words at the same time as the collection pack, so I included this pack in my challenge.  And I do like those.  Although the cork is rather brittle and you really can't go yanking it off the acetate or it will tear.  A gentler touch works just fine. 

Anyway, I went on and cut some banners, added one of the flair badges, tucked in a couple of those mini sign things and a tab.  Used one of the cork words as part of the title and used the alpha set for "dog".  Last I added the shorter banners at the top of the page and a couple of the stickers.  I always seem to do the smaller clusters at the top or sides of my page real reason...that's just how it seems to work out.   

That was it.  This one didn't take very long at all to do.  Kind of happy about that.  And kind of happy to be using this collection up! 


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Challenge: One Collection, How Many Layouts?

Actually, the challenge (at NicoleJones911 on facebook) is to use a paper line (or kit) that you love (but have not broken into); papers, embellishments, stickers. etc.) and since it is February, to make the theme of the layout(s) about those that you love.  (And to see how many layouts, you get from the line you have stashed, I mean collected, i.e., hoarded...) 

And here is Layout #1 - Love My Girls

I chose a collection from Fancy Pants that I just felt as though I HAD to HAVE it.  Burlap and Bouquets.  And then it sat here.  I had acquired the collection pack, which contained 8 sheets of double sided paper, a corrugated piece of cardstock, an alpha sticker sheet, a 12x12 sticker sheet of tiny alphas and tabs, a small sticker sheet of words, tabs and phrases.  Then I also had a pack of flair badges (which were much larger when I received them than what I thought they were when I ordered them--I much prefer the smaller size) and I had a pack of little flags or mini-sign thing-ys. 

The background paper had the ring of flowers printed on it, but I cut some additional flowers out of another sheet so I could pop up some up.  I also used a white gel pen to highlight the small flower blooms.  Beyond that, it was a matter of cutting strips of some of the various coordinating papers and placing my photo on top of the stacked up strips and then tucking in a piece of a doily and a tab,  Once that was done, I felt as though the photo needed a ledge of some sort to sit upon, so I added a small strip of one of the papers (a diagonal stripe) and punched a small scalloped strip out of another.  Still didn't seem substantial enough, so I added a piece of lace from my stash. 

I punched a circle for the circular phrase sticker and popped it up, tucked in a small bow from some twine in my stash, and added one of the flair badges.  Last was to construct a small cluster at the top of the page (another smaller piece of the doily, a strip of patterned paper, and one of the little flowers I had cut out).

This photo was snapped at Thanksgiving (the after dinner nap, you know!).   My daughter and granddaughter -- out cold.  Love this.