Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Goodbye House

Today was closing on the sale of our house. 

This house was my house.  It was not extravagant or anything special.  But it was my house.  This house stood witness to those evenings of fighting with kids' homework, the tears of a teen's first break up, three graduations, so many birthday cakes and kids tearing into Christmas gifts.  We brought our first grandchild home to this house. 

This house was home.  It was my home. 

Goodbye house. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Moving Day

So it's been a while since I blogged.  Been a little preoccupied with: 

And moving seven rooms like that into this...

Yep, it's moving day.  Two containers packed.  Gotta finish packing the truck today.  Closing on Monday. 

Barely made it getting everything into the two containers.  Thank goodness we got rid of as much as we did. 

And now a week of grand baby and house sitting at my daughter's.  Thank heaven for grand babies!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Entertaining a Cat? Open a Box!

Gypsy Kitty has taken up residence in my moving boxes. 

Truly, little girl, we will not forget to take you along! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's Wrong With This Page?

It's another round of critiquing my layout.  I did this page quite some time ago and never posted it.  Something was just not quite right with it.  I looked it over really well and then I knew what it was. This time it is a very small thing, but it is just screaming at me as I look at the page on the screen. 

I love the colors, even the goldenrod colored background paper (which took me f.or.e.v.e.r. to pick out).  I had all the burgundy, pink-y, magenta pieces selected, but the page sat untouched for month's because I just could not settle on a background piece.  Once the goldenrod piece was selected, by way of a happy accident of turning over a pink-y patterned paper, the layout itself went together rather quickly. 

Do you see it yet? Can you see what is just bugging me so?  What seems a tad askew, out of place? 

It's that doily on the right side of the layout! 

It is jutting out there just too, too far.  It seems slightly disconnected.  Like it was added as an afterthought.  It really needs to be tucked in further to the pieces under the photo, I think, to be made a part of the whole, rather than hanging out there on it's own. 

Does it really ruin the whole page?  No, not really.  But in this case, I have not gifted this page away.  I do still have it in my possession.  And it is an easy fix.  Were I not in the middle of packing for a cross-country move, I would pull the page out immediately and undo the doily, cut it down a bit and tuck it back in further under the photo layers.  But... I am in the middle of packing so this will have to wait a bit. 

OK, page details...  I just love the far way look in our Bella's eyes, so that's where the title comes from.  Most of the papers are Carta Bella, Beautiful Moments, I think the collection was.  Even the little banners and label stickers are from this collection.  The die cut paper on the left side of the page is old, old, old Making Memories.  Alphas used in the title are a mix of Bo-Bunny (old, old, old) and the pink glitter alphas are Thickers. The little stick pins are from Hobby Lobby (their own store brand) and the pink pearls are from Hero Arts.  I did add some torn pieces of washi tape to define the top and bottom of the page, as well as doing some outlining. 

And now back to packing, ugh.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Pickles?

Yep,  there she is all dressed up for Easter and slurping away on a pickle.  Nope, didn't want candy, no eggs, just pickles. 

Had to add a touch of pickle-green because...you know it's all about the pickle... and the little girl. 

Had a bit of a "pickle" (hahahaha I crack myself up)  trying to layer some papers under the photos.  I tried using my white tissue paper, nah, just didn't look right.  A big old hunk of cardstock was just too block-y looking.  So as I was picking through some things to be packed and thinking about what else to use as layering papers...a piece of embossed dotty paper slipped out onto the floor.  Eureka!  I snatched it right up slid it under one of the photos.  Liked it so well I grabbed another plain piece of white cardstock to run that through the Sizzix, this time using a swirly embossing folder, then cut each embossed piece in half.  After bending and crimping up the edges a bit, I had just the right layering papers.  . 

Also added a couple of punched border pieces in yellow and a doily.  The little green banners are from Basic Grey ( I snagged a bunch of these in various colors, patterns and sizes, several months ago from Tuesday Morning).  They are kind of a pain to remove from the packaging ---as they are sewn onto a piece of cardstock--- it is do-able---the stitching is quite strong!  Anyway, after cutting up the banner, I placed it in three places to aid in developing a visual triangle. 

The doily print paper is from Basic Grey (Nook and Pantry) and the background paper is the B side of an Authentique paper.  Other embellishments include a couple of buttons, a couple of wood veneer butterflies, and another piece of one of those Basic Grey banners--this time in yellow.  The chipboard letters used in the title are also from Basic Grey. 

So really that's it. Not a lot going on in this one.  Not a ton of layering.  It was indeed all about the pickle... and the little girl. 


Sunday, March 22, 2015

In Honor of Abby

I've posted this layout before.  But you see we've lost our Abby girl.  She quit eating last weekend...had her in to the vet and they had to send out some tests for conclusive results. Cancer.  She went rapidly downhill.  And yesterday was her last.  She laid her sweet head in my lap at the vets, and we stroked and petted her as she slipped into that special place. 

We will miss you pretty girl. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Working Around Holiday Colors!

My grandkids are infamous (ok only infamous in my mind) for dressing in non-holiday coordinating colors during said holiday.  Hot pink during Halloween, magenta and orange during Easter, and this (an older photo series of my now 19 year old grandson) holding up a bright yellow vest received at Christmas. 

Sometimes I can just ignore the colors and go with the standard holiday color combos.  Sometimes, I make the layout about something other than the holiday during which the photo(s) were taken.  But sometimes (blast it all),  I really want those non-coordinating photos, just as they are and on a page about whatever the holiday is/was.  So there (she says, stamping her foot and pouting.) 

So here is grandson No. 1 holding up his very bright yellow vest... and I wanted this done as a Christmas page. 

It was that clear, bright yellow that threw me off.  I am forever scrapping things that are years old.  But I have a few Christmas photos that have never found a home due to the colors that people are wearing (or holding...).  This time, I used a white and beige-y print background page and chose papers (scraps) from an old My Mind's Eye Christmas collection that had a yellow tone to them.  Plus, the red that is printed on the papers is a subdued red.

While I am not excited, jumping up and down over the page,  I am not displeased with it.  The only thing right now that may still change is the title.  The red is also subdued, but the dotty pattern on top of the print is kind of a bit much.  But I'll let it be for a few days and look at it again.  Sometimes that clears things up for me.  Just to walk away and re-visit. 

Papers are all My Mind's Eye, tabs are from Basic Grey (25th and Pine) and the border pieces are all from a K&Co. pack that I am on a mission to use up.