Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Scraplift Twist

A note about scraplifting...

While I do very much agree that credit be given when lifting a page, I have just now spent Over An Hour surfing through old blog postings from a kit club where I am sure I got this page layout idea initially.  Do you think I can find that post and the person originating the design?  Well,   o.f.   c.o.u.r.s.e.   n.o.t.

The only reason this is on my mind, is that there was a recent posting on one of the sb fb groups I frequent calling out those that do not give credit where credit is due... not sure if this was in response to a particular design being used, or what.... I usually do not focus much on those conversations, but at the risk of offending someone, somewhere (who I cannot find in a timely fashion at this moment!!!), this is a page scraplifted, not once, but twice!!!  

This is my most recent lift (even using some of the same papers as the original scrapper did), I just really like linear format the page takes on.  This page utilizes the same main design, but places the design elements at the bottom of the page, instead of across the top. 

 This was my original take (on the scraplifted design).  The main design differences, as I recall, was instead of filling several of the metallic chipboard frames with cuts of paper and placing them,along with a smaller photo in frame across the horizontal paper layers --- I used the frames under my photo.  

I guess my point in all of this is it is sometimes next to impossible to locate and name the original creator of a page that has influenced you or that you are using as a basis for your own work. 

OK, having addressed the whole scraplifting thing, (being that now I have committed this twice!) the rest of the page details changed slightly in that I did not support the photo with layers of papers.  None, in fact. 

I also moved the title down below the photo elements, and  had added a layers of pale pink watercolor under the papers.  Instead of using a heart below the layered elements, I added a transparent piece of ephemera at the top left of the paper layers.  But the overall design remains the same, horizontal paper layers and a photo resting upon four chipboard frames.

I almost called the page done, but it seemed a bit floaty---the page un-defined. So I added a black and white striped piece of paper at the top and bottom of the page. 

Also adding a small sliver of that black and white striped paper at the top edge of the paper layers, just to continue the black and white in one more spot and to help move the eye from left to right toward the photo and finally on to the title.  

I do love this layout, but given that it is sometimes so hard to give credit where it is deemed due, I will probably not use this particular design scheme again for fear of offending the original artist.  That doesn't mean I won't utilize frames under my photo, or a linear paper design...just not this particular look.  I truly do not wish to take the credit for design(s) that inspire me, but I also do not wish to spend an entire a afternoon searching through fb groups and kit club blogs for purposes of identification.

So, all this being said, I will more than likely continue to be inspired by others' work, but will have to save the page to a pinterest board or a private file with the creator's name and a date, just in case I ever need to reference that information. 

Do be inspired by others' work.  Do use page designs and ideas that work for you.  Do scraplift.  Do attempt to give credit where it is due.  Do not send a scraplifted page off for publishing purposes or as part of a design team call.

And that is all I have to say about that.

best to all!

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