Thursday, April 6, 2017

NOT a Boy Page!!! --- Jr. Spirit Squad!

I'm back!  Really did not plan on taking a several week break from the computer and blogging, but there it is.  I was happy to have my kids and grandkids come to visit last week (which took a week of prep to get ready for them! LOL!).   I've also had a bit of a relapse with regard to my RA which can make working with my hands difficult.  But enough on that... on to scrapbooking which always makes me feel better! 

I had multiple photos of my granddaughter from the half-time basketball game at which the "Junior" Spirit Squad performed.  Love the sunglasses the girls were sporting!  Love that sassy attitude that comes through! 

As usual I worked from the colors in the photos, finding the perfect blue arrow print along with the black and white print.  Those were cut into two angular sections and overlapped on a white background sheet. 

Because there was so much going on in the photos themselves and I wanted to use multiple photos, I chose not to layer them at all, but rather to arrange them in a tight configuration.  I did accent the photo arrangement with several small puffy stickers and one label sticker, placing those at the left, leading side. 

The title found its home at the right side of the photo arrangement and I added a border by way of another puffy sticker (snipped int two pieces) for the title to kind of sit upon.  And I also could not resist placing the sunglasses puffy sticker jauntily at the top of the title!

Many time when working with multiple photos, especially when there is a lot of activity going on in the photos, I find I am happier with the "less is more" tactic.  There are exceptions of course, but usually for me I am happier with the outcome if I do not over do it. 

A little outlining and some journaling completed the page and tha-a-a-a-a-at's all folks! 

I was happy to get these girls' first performance documented and I hope they have many more occasions to perform (and for me to scrap!). 


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