Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kit Comparisions - Down to the Wire!!!

So, after many phone calls, pricing questions, frustrating misquotes, un-informed sales people, etc., etc., I finally have real internet!!!  Ta-da!  The issues were where we are physically located, how long were we bound to our original choices, how much would our current bill actually come down and on and on...  It is a wonderful thing to not have to worry about how much data does one thing or another chew up! 

Now, to get back on track here.  I have received my second Hip Kit collection and I haven't even killed off the first kit I got!  Now please do not take my next comment wrong... the kit contained pretty papers, a nice Thickers set, a complete embellishment pack, a partial pack of cute little tassels... I'm just not feeling it though and have struggled with the couple of pages I did put together. 

After going through the papers, I decided to use the window printed paper and fussy cut a bunch out to layer across the page.  And I suppose I could have just used a photo that coordinated color-wise and ignored the window design... But there is something in me that just could not do that.  I chose to go with a photo of ... wait for it.... a window!  

This sort of print is not usually a favorite of mine, due to it's specificity.  But I was determined to cut out the cute little windows and use them as a part of the page design.  I also tore a panel off of  the grid pattern paper as a home for the windows and photo to reside on.  It provided some subtle pattern, rather than a straight white background. 

Since the photo has some stronger tones as compared to the papers, I outlined both the photo and the grid paper with a black marker.  

Tucked in a few strips of patterned papers and a couple of the die cut ephemera.  Fussy cut a couple little florals to use along with die cut flowers, then tied together two of the mini tassels and tucked those under one of the floral bundles. 

The alphabet I chose is a Thickers set I grabbed recently at Hobby Lobby.  I loved the mixed patterns and the size of them for this page.  And the title itself?  Well, I had to go with the song title, had to! 

Overall, it's one of those pages that I struggled with, but now that it's done, I'm ok with it.  Not jumping up and down, but the main thing is the page is done.  It accurately captures the spirit, my memories of the street scene, it doesn't feel over-done, nor is it plain.  Sometimes this is how the page gets scrapped folks! 

There are enough supplies left in my December Hip Kit to do a couple more pages, but since I've struggled with this one, and the January kit has been sitting here for a couple of weeks already, I'm moving on. 

While I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of working through the five or six kit clubs that I was going to choose between, I will be relieved (kind of) to actually choose a club to continue on with!  Not that I won't probably stray from time to time and buy a kit a la carte, when another club's offering is too tempting to pass up!

scrap on, my pretty paper friends!


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