Friday, January 27, 2017

I'm Here

Whew, don't you just hate it when real life interferes with scrapping, painting, blogging and such!  I do.  Those aforementioned activities are my life line out here in the country!  But, I am now looking forward to a return to paper, ink, paint, blogging, etc.

Where have I been?  ...truthfully there has been nothing huge going on here on the home front, just lots (and lots and lots) of busywork...  new health insurance to investigate, then research into the doctors available (not so much of a concern for me, but for appropriate and necessary care for dear husband).  Then we launched into an in-depth review of the one and only internet provider in our area versus how we currently get our internet connection now--through a hot spot device). Like I said whew! It just sucked up days and days of time. 

So for those of you who have looked for me here (bless you and thank you!), everything is fine.  I've just been buried under, well, stuff!   

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