Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gossamer Blue Layout -- p.s. i love you

Most of my journaling on my grandchildrens' pages is more like a little thought or note to them from me.  My little granddaughter is shall we say, a headstrong young lady, a little power house.  I wanted to recognize that but also remind her to show her wonderful heart and kindness, p.s. i love you, Nana. 

I had tried to do this page several times before using a color coordinated effort in blues and greens (like in her school jumper).  Uh, no...  it just didn't work.  But when I received the February Gossamer Blue kit and saw several black and white patterns, strong... yet softened by the p.s. i love you message, I thought I'd give it a shot.  BINGO!  I did add just a little really light pink watercolor and some splatters of pink, but other wise pretty much left the white card stock background, well pretty much plain white.

I cut and tore several pieces of the black and white patterns and lined them up against the left edge of the page and tucked in a piece of ruffled white tissue paper, again for softness. Then curled up the edges here and there and tucked in a couple of floral stickers to brighten up all that black and white.

The photo got treated to several layers of tissue paper, a piece of the black and white text and just a wee small amount of pink peeking out directly under the photo. 

I cut two banners and outlined them before tucking them up under the lower corner of the layered photo.  Then went to work on a little cluster consisting of a doily sticker (kind of flimsy so I put it on a circle cut out of a scrap of cardstock) and a small "pile" of hearts. I wanted that in place slightly touching the edge of the banners so it made a nice soft corner. 

Tucked in a bow shaped paper clip (from my pile of left over stuff), added my title and a few enamel dots and that seemed like just enough.  Oh, I almost forgot---didn't want the right side of the page ignored, so I cut a medium to large size photo corner and placed it up on the right side before I did my journaling. 

The note to Dear Bella went down the right side of the page and I was done!

See once I got a handle on the right papers, everything else came together.  It's all about the papers for me!

Maybe if you are fighting with a certain few photos, it's not that you've lost your mojo... maybe you just don't have the right papers in front of you!  Put those photos aside and try them again later with another set of monochromatic neutral papers... gold and white, black and white, kraft and white.

best to all!

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