Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Magic Unicorn - A Hip Kit Page

The pink and pastel colors in the December Hip Kit (main kit only) were just right,  picking up all the colors of my granddaughter's ever so striking unicorn bike helmet!  She asked for unicorns for her 5th birthday and she got unicorns!

Do you ever get one of the those pages that has little 2-3 inch squares that are like miniaturized prints of entire pages?  Ever at a loss as to what to do with 'em?   There was a page like this in the kit; I used some on the Christmas tree created here Best Tree Ever page.    But, I had some squares left and decided that  I could use them as decorative elements down the right side of the page.  I cut out some of the washi criss-cross pattern paper and popped those up on top of the squares and outlined the squares for a little extra definition.  Since the little squares were outlined, I also took a moment to outline the white card stock. 

The white page was trimmed down slightly and layered on top of the hot pink patterned background, which was the same sheet the washi tape criss-cross pieces were cut from--just the opposite side.  I had cut the middle of the page out in order to be able to cut out those washi pattern pieces. 

Various cut pieces from the ephemera pack were layered up under the photo, along with a small polka dot gift bag (sorry--it came with little goodies in it from some kit or another---I just don't remember which one).  The title from a Thickers alphabet set which came in the kit lined up easily in place along the top edge of the layered photo. 

And since unicorns are magical, after all,  I just had to sprinkle some sequins and stars about!  A full pack of those were also included in the kit.

Now for a quick rundown---I am after all still running my kit comparison!  Hip Kit provided eight printed papers, a full pack of sequins, a partial pack of mini tassels, a Thickers alphabet set, and a Thickers foam word set, as well as a full ephemera pack.  I 've made four 12 x 12 pages and depending on what photos I turn up (need to coordinate with all this pink and pastel!!), I can probably make two more easily, but may need to supplement with an embellishment or two, we'll see.  And I kind of doubt if my cute little grandson will be making an appearance amongst all this pink... 

I ordered my second Hip Kit and I have one more Gossamer Blue kit to work in here somewhere, so thanks for bearing with me!  I know it's been a long road, but we are almost there!


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