Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Do You Ever Do-Over a Page?

I confess, I do make page do-overs.  Sometimes.  While in my head, I justify not making over a page with the whole "the page is done, the photos are scrapped, move on" thing.  Sometimes, I just cannot get beyond NOT liking the result and out comes my trimmer and scissors to take the page apart. 

Which is what happened here.

But since I hate to lead off with the page I didn't like, here is the "after" page.  

This was the page "before".  See what I mean.  It just misses on so many levels.  The vellum (or tracing paper in this case), the papers---which I re-used---but here it was too much, in too big pieces that just seemed to fight each other for attention.  It felt like I just threw the stuff on the page just to get the photos done.  Hate that!  

As you can see, I used the very same papers, but cut them into strips and did more mini layers at the end of each strip to tie the papers and patterns together.  On one hand the after page is busier, but to my eyes, it is more coordinated and less of a distraction to the photos.  And I removed one photo...really didn't want to , but I will probably use that photo on a different page.  There's more than one subject, so it can go in another album.

Papers and embellishments came from the October Scrapbook Circle kit.  (Which sadly I will be discontinuing as of December, so I can finish off my comparison of kit clubs.)

Detail shots of  the "after" page are here.

I did paint the 2 and the 0 because they had a printed portion on them that conflicted too much with all the rest of the patterns going on.

These are the close-ups of the paper strips with their mini layers at top and bottom.

I also chose different letter stickers for the "Birthday Boyz" title, using the golden yellow to tie that color in a bit more. 

And while not what I originally had in mind for the page, I am much happier with this result than the original page.

So, if at first you don't succeed....  cut that baby up and try it again!  What can it hurt?


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