Saturday, November 12, 2016

Crash Your Stash!! - Use Color and Icons to Support Your Page

It's time for a crash your stash page and some hints as to how to use icons and color to support your page theme. 

I've talked before about using color... it's something that is strongly ingrained in me as to how I select the papers to use on a page.  With this page being about Pearl Harbor and this photo having all that water, the steel-y gray of the ship, I had to look for blues and grays...lightened a bit with the teal color. 

I wanted to soften the background page a bit, so I used a stencil and plain white texture paste. 

 The layout itself is pretty straightforward.  Layered blues under the photo, title tucked up nice and close to the photo. But what to do to dress up the page a bit and maintain the dignity the subject demands. 

 I had some of a "boy" themed pad of Heidi Swapp papers and remembered that there was a sheet or two of cut-a-parts.  I did a bunch of fussy cutting...keeping to the military theme and the blue, gray, teal color scheme.  Military--think straight, blocky stars, banners, chevrons, map or nautical paper.  Ta-da.  Done. Borders, bent and curled a bit to add texture.  Direct the eye by the placement of the banners and chevrons.  Done.  Leave room for grandson to leave his thoughts (or parlay them to me to add).  Done.  

Told you it was straight-forward page. 

I hope my grandson likes it and that it evokes in him what he was feeling when he was there. 

Have yourself a scrappy sort of day! 
(and crash your stash!!!!)


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