Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kit Clubs---A little Bit About Included Embellishments

This is a another one of those easy pages to assemble. I absolutely loved the background paper (from Pink Fresh Studio) that was included in my September Scrapbook Circle kit.  There was a nice mix of strong navy blue patterns and pretty pastels.  Here I used leftover strips cut from one of my previous pages (the Hello Cuties page)  and just laid these on the background paper to aid in directing your eyes to the photo. 

I added more of the black ink splatters.  There was some printed on the paper -- I just added the splatters at the bottom right corner for balance.  And, after layering up my photo, I did some outlining. 

What I really wanted to talk about was embellishments that are often included in kit clubs.  I've seen a lot of words and phrases and frequently I find the chosen words a bit over-used, almost common.  And I don't want my pages to be common.   Although many of the phrases are popular and I do  understand the thinking behind manufacturer's choice to produce them, I want my page titles a bit more specific, a bit more personal (and that would be difficult for a manufactured title).

So, I change them!  Cut apart the various words and put together something more meaningful for your page.  Rearrange the letters and make a new word.  Just don't look at the embellishment pack and settle for an over-used title.   Or worse, don't look at a pack of words and titles and think these don't fit me, stick them in a drawer and leave them unused!

The mirror words were included in the September kit and I think they are awesome!  However, I wanted something just a little different for my page.  The words "Sweet" and "Life" were provided and as you can see I did use them...but the word "Our"  I made by confiscating the R from the word Dream; the U came from Fun, and the O was from ______ (gosh, I don't even remember which word the "O" was from!).   

Maybe this is something that everyone actually already does...but the teacher part of me just wouldn't let it rest till I put it down into words.  So, if this is old  school, well then thanks for just hanging out with me for a bit~!  And if not, well, think about the embellishments included in your kit(s);even if at first you think they are not quite right for your page, think about taking them apart, or adding a word or item from another embellishment pack to get the look you want.  After all, you paid for them,  I want you to be able to make use of them!

later all!

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