Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why It Can Be Easier to Use Kits for Problem Photos!

Really?  Easier?  Yeah, sometimes I think so.  And here's a quick why. 

When that kit shows up, you are looking at a very specific selection of papers...  you take those papers and head to your desk and spread them out (at least I do).  Let them "speak" to you for a moment or two.  Then pull out a few of those photos you've printed but have never gotten a home, because they just didn't seem to fit with anything. 

I had pulled these photos off movie advertising and the books from Amazon I think.  I had wanted to document something that was a "big hit" of the time, and the fact that my daughter and I (both voracious readers) had traded the books back and forth, then went to each of the movies.  It was fun to read and discuss, then watch and discuss.  The title came about because I kept thinking about how we traded the books between us, then my thoughts strayed to that old decorating show Trading Spaces and ta-da, "Trading Pages"! 

When I saw the kraft paper with the arrows, I thought of these photos.  Cuz of the bow and arrow thing of course, !that was the "speaking to me" part!  Since using the entire 12x12 piece seemed a bit much (and a bit dark), I experimented on a separate piece of kraft cardstock  using the included stencil, another Tim Holtz stencil and both white spray mist and white acrylic paint.  That helped lighten up the page considerably. 

From there it was just layering up papers, adding a punched piece (that notebook edge piece) and adding a small strip of print paper to "join" the two sides together a bit and some of the white puffy stickers (that came in the kit) for some additional dimension. 

The page actually came together fairly quickly, once the paints were dry...and it was all due to that arrow printed kraft paper and the fact that I was strictly looking at the kit inclusions.  Then I started layering papers under my photos and allowed myself to dig about a bit for some pieces to tie the colors together.  The adds from outside the kit were a piece of vellum and a scrap piece of red brick type pattern (it was a Basic Grey paper), plus that Tim Holtz stencil and the two different Thickers alpha sets. 

I've had such a good time scrapping with this kit, and it's almost time for the next one to be shipping!  Yeah!!!  But I haven't quite finished this kit up; I'll do more of a wrap up when I get closer to the end of it.  So far, even though I haven't posted them all yet, I've done six pages, and I may eek out two more.  All in all, I am quite pleased with this kit and looking forward to the next one. 



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