Friday, September 2, 2016

How to Choose the Right Kit Club (for you)

So you've decided to join a monthly scrapbooking kit club.   But now you are frozen wondering which club is going to give you what you want, if the value is there.  Yup, been there, done that! 

But I am well on my way to choosing and committing to a kit club.  Right now I am "researching" (i.e., having a great time making pages!) Scrapbook Circle.  Why had I not heard of these folks previously???   Heard about the club on a SB facebook page, hopped on over to the club's website, checked out the current kit, took a peek at their blog and quickly decided to give them a try and boy am I glad I did! 

It's a personal choice.  There is no way to proclaim one club the best or better than another one.  Each one has a flavor or direction all its own.  I can only report what works f.o.r.  m.e.   Make a list of kit clubs you've heard about.  Visit (often) each club's website, blog and maybe their facebook page.  

1.  Look good and hard at the products offered in past kits as well as current kits. 
2   Add up in your head what the value is.  
3.  Look at the blog and the ideas there.  Do the pages appeal to you?  Is the subject matter something
     you can relate to?
4.  Buy a kit or two a la carte to see how they work for you.  If you struggle to make pages with it, it's
     not the right one for you. 

This particular club only requires a two-month commitment to receive their discounted pricing, so I signed up!  I'm trying out two kits from each club anyway. 

Now, what is it exactly that appeals to me about this kit selection?  It's outdoors in feeling without having a camping, woodsy, or at the lake theme going on.  See, I have scenic shots to be scrapped... and just like everyone I have weak areas in scrapping. Scenic photos are my Achilles heel.  I want to do the photo justice, not overpower it.  It's just something I struggle over.  This kit has been truly perfect for several photos that I've just kept pushing off on the corner of my desk.  Love that! 

next time! 

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