Monday, February 20, 2017

Kit Comparisons continued - My Personal Process for Choosing a Kit Club

And here we are with my last review!  I'm settled in with my morning coffee, I'll wait for you to grab yours--coffee, tea, how about some hot cocoa?  Ready?

Hip Kit
I chose to review them last, partly because they are hugely popular and already widely known.  Not really sure why that made a difference to me, but there you have it. 

I found the materials supplied in the kits to be very pretty, high quality.  The first kit contained marketplace products, however the second kit had quite a few exclusive papers.  While I am not in the market for exclusives, the papers were of high quality, both in color and paper weight, just not what I am personally looking for. 

Each kit contained eight sheets of patterned papers.  Not sure if they ever include solid cardstock sheets, but I did not see anything listed for the past several month's worth.  Once again, I'm OK with that...cardstock I've got and it is relatively easy to find.  As I already said, I was disappointed to receive several exclusive papers in one of the kits.  Papers were well coordinated with respect to color, but again each kit seemed very pastel to me.

Each kit contained an assortment of exclusive wood veneer pieces and a full embellishment or ephemera pack.  There is a variety of the sort of embellies included in the kits. One kit included a rubon sheet and full pack of metallic instagram frames, while another kit included a pack of mini tassels, a pack of sequins and a second set of Thickers words and phrases (besides the Thickers alpha as described below). 

Alphabets/Titling Options
Each kit contained a Thickers alphabet set, and as I said before one of the kit also contained a word/phrase set (which was included as an embellishment).  In former kits I did see sticker sheets (again included as an embellishment) that also had words and phrases easily integrated into titling options.

 A few too many exclusive papers for me, although to be fair I see that their current (February) kit papers are all marketplace papers.  Very pastel and a decidedly feminine feel to each of the kits.  It seemed like I would have to turn to the page designers' trick of turning photos to black and white to be able to make pretty pages.  I just don't scrap that way; I scrap real life--4x6--color photos.  Occasionally I might look at a photo and think this would look cool in black and white and print it that way, but not on an everyday basis.

The kits arrived in a timely fashion.  Their blog has many ideas--although not as many for 12x12 pages as I would like to see...I found many more ideas on you tube than on their blog.  Their facebook group has a big, big following but for the number of folks that follow it...not a lot of them seem to post their pages.

My favorite page created from a Hip Kit club collection...

As far as ideas in using a Hip Kit offering... check out you tube.  I found numerous examples of wonderfully creative pages done using Hip Kit collections.

Next time... The club I chose to join and why that club is a good fit for me.  Plus a review of questions and things you should think about when joining a club. 

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