Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kit Comparisons Continued - My Personal Approach to Choosing a Kit

Here we are at a look see at another kit club. 

Like I said before I only just received my second kit and am not anywhere near done with it.  But we will forge ahead anyway!  It was my own fault I did not get two kits in a row from them, I just did not hop on to the website in a timely enough fashion to place my order before they had sold out!

Gossamer Blue
The kits each seem to have a decidedly different perspective as it pertains to color, patterned paper and even embellishments.  Which means to me, that there is always something new to look forward to.   I had a very easy time making a variety of travel, girl, and a boy-ish page(s).   I did go to my stash for some alphabet stickers that seemed to work better with some pages, but other than that the only other thing I added was a doily and wood veneer car. 

In each kit I've received 7-10 patterned papers.  If the kit is sending 7 patterned papers, then it also contains 2-3 sheet of cardstock.  Now I have seen a kit or two which contained 10-11 patterned papers and no cardstock (which is still fine by me, I'd rather have the patterned paper any day).

The papers are incredibly well coordinated and most times I've had a hard time choosing which side of a given paper that I want to use more.

Each kit includes at least two full packs of die cuts or ephemera.  The things that change from kit to kit are offerings like enamel dots, washi tape, sticker sheets or chipboard.  There is usually an exclusive set of wood veneer and/or acrylic pieces.  In past kits I've seen partial packs of sequins, or mini pom poms, tassels, and even decorative paper clips.  Fun stuff, and it changes from one month to another.

This is another kit club that at times have included a stamp set---and as I said before I do love getting a stamp set! (There are stamp sets offered in their add-ons, if  they are a must for you.) 

Alphabet/Titling Options
In each of the two kits I've received there was either a Thickers alpha set or a puffy alpha set, plus at times the sticker sheet that may have been included also had phrases and words that could easily be used in forming a title.  In one of the kit I missed out on, there was a Thickers set with words and phrases and a sticker sheet with words and phrases, plus a mini alpha.  

Kits arrived without delay, no damages.  They have no membership requirements, as long as cancelling is done within the designated time frame.  The facebook page is not as active as some kit clubs, but still a friendly place.  Their blog is full of ideas, although I personally could do without so many planner or project life pages (sorry I am strictly a scrapbook page addict).  But I understand each of these (planners and project life) have taken on a lot of popularity.  Their designers are creative of course and each kit is well represented. 

One of my favorite pages created from a Gossamer Blue kit... The only add to this page was some vellum for layering. 

Next time, Hip Kit is up! 

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  1. Cheryl, I think you should look into Cocoa Daisy again, their website has changed and their payment options are the same as everyone elses. I love that they have a mix of exclusives as well as manufacturers. I would love to see what you make with their kit.