Thursday, October 13, 2016

Playing with Citrus Twist -- Kit Club Research Continues!

I just cannot believe it is October already!  September here in Kentucky was so summer like; we had a trip to Wisconsin right in the middle of the month visiting kids and grandkids, so the month flew by!

This page about my granddaughter heading off to school (from last year!) had me digging into my newest kit from Citrus Twist.  I used a bit of watercolor directly on the patterned paper (which did leave it slightly buckled---I'll have to pile some books on top to try and flatten it out).   

Even though this kit is embellishment heavy and I did try to include more of the embellishments; I promptly removed most of them because to my eyes, it was way too distracting, I lost track of the photos amidst all the froo-ha-ha (technical term---froo-ha-ha, much like my use of the term fruj-en-glajen, meaning pretty stuff  LOL!). 

I did use one of the little stamps from the set that was included in the kit.  Loved the saying and thought it was so appropriate for a 1st day of school.  Ink, stamp and stamp again...repeat. 

Under the photos, I used a mix of tags, embellishment pieces and cut-a-parts from the "B" side of one of the papers.  Most pieces were trimmed so that I could tuck them in here and there.  And, I really only wanted one of the photos layered up, the other photo was matted on one piece of paper, cropped a bit more closely and placed at the corner of the more heavily layered photo.  I think using heavy layering on both photos would have (again) been too distracting.

Added my title, did a bit of outlining and penned my journaling...done!  

I do like the paper(s), love the stamps, and truthfully am a bit overwhelmed by the quantity of embellishment ephemera included.  Personally I would prefer to see enamel dots, a few pieces of flair, some cute paper clips.  And there are pieces of these sort of embellishments that can be had by purchasing one of the add-ons.  But I am working with main kits only for my little study.   And a reminder:  this is just me and my typical usage of smaller embellishment items speaking here.  I see many pages where scrappers have included lots of embellishments without the page(s) seeming too busy.  Something for me to work on! 

And I look forward to doing just that!  I do love learning something new and that's another great thing about this hobby; there is always a new technique, new materials, and new perspectives for us to infuse our pages with.   And this is also what experimenting with various kit clubs gives you; the chance to try something new!  Gotta love that.   

happy day all!

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