Sunday, October 16, 2016

Citrus Twist - My Personal Paper Problems!!!! or My Embellishment Embarrassment!!!

One of the issues I have is that I am a paper person when it comes to scrapbooking.  That will probably never change.  So, when I receive a kit with only six sheets of pretty patterned paper, well you can imagine my dilemma!  If I use a full sheet for a a background and cut into the others for photo layers...well I could very easily be confined to only producing like two pages from a $30-some dollar kit.  Uh, no.  That doesn't work for me. 

In this case, out came white card stock, a stencil and texture paste!  Now I have to fess up.  Dilemma #2!  Remember how I said I was going to work on using more of those wonderful embellishments and ephemera that was included in this kit?  Yeah...not so much... at least not on this page (or the next one, truth be told (I really have to work on this embellishment thing of mine!!). 

You see, since I used some of my (new to me) Heidi Swapp metallic texture paste to create some pattern on the otherwise plain old white card stock...I just could not add a bunch of ephemera on top of it.  It either covered up all the pretty texture paste triangles or it just appeared forced...too busy...too much. 

I added texture paste so that it would create a flow from left, downward under the photo toward the right.  And I have to say, even though a couple of the triangles were not as crisp or clean-edged, I kind of love that imperfection.  And the colors are just so rich; love them! 

You can see that I layered lots of little pieces of papers under the photo  --- or did I?  I did layer some papers, but the "B" side of one of the papers was full of cut-a-part tags and labels and such.  So I cut out a bunch and sliced some in half to tuck in and under the photo.  Saved me some paper and I was still able to create the illusion of having used a multitude of various patterned papers for layering! 

I also cut one or two of the scalloped black scalloped border pieces from a paper, thereby saving the rest of the sheet for another page!  And, I do have to say, I love the Citrus Twist stamps.  The sayings are so easy to translate into scrapbook use.  This "wait, what?!"  phrase fits so well with the expression on Jackson's face as he looks incredulously at his big sister (who probably was taunting him a bit about finishing her ice cream first or some other nonsense---I mean I've seen Jackson eat!).

Used a couple of  little chipboard pieces, a vellum tab and several of the enamel hearts, but that was about it for embellishments on this page.  I so failed on this embellishment go-round!  But I love my page, so neener, neener, neener.  I don't care!

The last things added were the enjoy title (from my stash, a Heidi Swapp sticker) and my journaling!

Alright,  I failed this time at embellishment addition, and I am OK with that!!!

Have a lovely scrappy day!  Go and fail at might like it!


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