Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Little Halloween-ie Queen-ie! - A Crash Your Stash Page

A bit of a diversion here from the kit research and comparison(s), and a word or two (or three) about holiday themed papers.

I don't have a lot.  Of holiday themed papers that is.  And those that I do have are from y-e-a-r-s ago.  Yep, years ago.  I have a little Cosmo Cricket, Creative Imaginations, Rusty Pickle, and Scenic Route Halloween paper.  I mean a very little, like half sheets of Cosmo, two sheets of Creative Imaginations and Rusty Pickle, plus maybe a half sheet or two of Scenic Route.  That's it.  I really only do a page or two of Halloween for any given year.  And I really like these papers, am not big on cute-sy styled papers, so the little bits I have will probably last me for another couple of Halloweens!

When I got this photo of my granddaughter last year, I was kind of on a scrapbooking hiatus... my things were not unpacked from our move, so I am first getting to them now.  But I loved this picture!  My daughter caught her getting into her goodie bag---wearing  the Groucho nose and glasses and gobbling up her popcorn!  Gotta love a girl who accessorizes!

I used some of the Scenic Route paper, trimming the diamond pattern to use as a base for the photo.  Now I needed something under the base as the plain white, really was too plain and too white, so I chose a piece of paper that was kind of beige-y off-white and had some pattern printed on it that would not be obtrusive (it was actually a sewing themed paper printed with pieces and parts of sewing patterns.) 

Then I pulled out one of my favorite border punches to punch a black lacey strip to use as another border over the top edge of the diamond strip.  It still did not look finished to me, so I cut a thin strip of black with an antique-y white polka dot.

Next was to layer up some papers under my photo and get that in place.

I was naughty the other day and indulged myself by purchasing a small sewing machine (it works ok...but at some point I am going to have to get the real deal).  Like I said, it works well enough to allow me to add some stitching to my paper, which I did across the border strips.

And I sewed myself a little cluster of papers, a punched strip, and a banner!  (I've wanted to make up a bunch of these for a long time!).

Before I got too carried away, I thought I had better do my ink splatters and once those were dry I added the black stars (from a Heidi Swap sticker set) Then to accent the photo I dug into my button jar and pulled out the colors from lil missy's Halloween skirt, orange, golden yellow and black, plus a little white heart shaped button that I didn't even know I had!  I tied some pieces of Tim Holtz paper floss through the buttons,  black in most, but light tan in the big black button.   

Next thing to be added was my title.  I've had those black sparkly Thickers for like ever too, in fact they were purchased with the thought of using them on a Halloween page due to their kind of gothic styling.

Journaling went right up on the banner that was stitched in that cluster.

Since I do not have a lot of holiday  papers for any holiday, I tend to keep all the pieces and parts in a project sorter...I have a Christmas one, Halloween, and 4th of July sorter.  Anything that I think will be used with that assortment (Thickers, stickers, ribbon, etc. goes in the sorter).  Then I am not digging through everything looking for some odd cut pieces of paper or partial sheets.

While I am no longer a hoarder of paper--I do throw away scrips and scraps now (gasp!)-- I simply do not have the space to keep everything-- but I do keep small strips and pieces of holiday themed papers.  I know it will be harder for me to find papers that I truly like for holiday use, so these little scraps I allow myself to keep.  They go right back into the sorter, saves me time and money.  At least that's how it is working right now for me.  When it doesn't work anymore, I'll change it up.  Maybe I'll run out of scraps in a year or two!!!

best to all,

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