Friday, October 21, 2016

Crashing My Stash - a Challenge Page!

There are challenges on various website and FB pages and sometimes it's a good thing to play along to get you to try something new, to use some of your stash, to get over a scrapper's block.

But sometimes, it's just plain old fun.  On one of my favorite FB pages, Mercy Tiara's 27 day challenge page, another gal added yet another challenge by way of a tic tac toe board, and you needed to choose a line and go for it.

I chose the line which included the use of vellum, two photos, and stencils.  After looking about at the material I had at hand (items that were already out and right at hand--I've always said I am at heart a lazy scrapper!), it turned out I was following the same line that our fearless leader, Tracy used, although I didn't set out to use the same one...  honest, I didn't!

The  background paper was one that I had stenciled quite some time ago for a different page and then never used; it was laying on the floor!  The vellum scraps were laying out, left from a page I put together a week or so ago!  And these two photos didn't seem to fit on any other paper that was within easy reach!  So, that's how this decision was made.  Nothing but pure laziness! 

The stencil pattern had been applied using two different stencils and a couple of different colors of chalk inks.  I trimmed it down some to to clean up the edges and then sewed the two pieces of vellum into place and continued sewing around the perimeter of the page.

I did the gold splatters next, since I wanted those to dry before anything else went onto the page (I've smeared gold paint or ink on too many occasions---not today!).

While the gold ink was drying I went to work layering paper scraps, tags, and journaling cards under the photos.  Once I placed my photo block in place, I could see where to add in extra pieces of paper to fill it out and also tucked in a couple of stickers from my stash. 

Next was to create a line or base for my title to sit on, so out came some washi tape, one of which I repeated in two other areas. 

The other additions to the page were some Raindots.  Remember those---they came out way before enamel dots came into play...and yes I still had a few...had being the operative word.  They're gone now!!!  Ya-hoo!

It makes me ridiculously happy to fulfill a challenge, use up some stash, as well as a piece of paper I had previously stenciled and not used, and get rid of old product (er, I mean use it up!).

Try a challenge to get you moving, use up some stash, finish off partial packs of older product...   See if this doesn't make you ridiculously happy!

in other words, crash your stash!


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  1. What a great layout Cheryl and thanks for playing along with the tic-tac-toe this month :) :)