Friday, September 16, 2016

More on Using Color Choices to Crash Your Stash!

Say what?  How does that make crashing my stash any easier?

Well, for one, it takes some of the decision making out of the equation.  So here you go.

Step 1:  Choose photo(s)
Step 2:  Look at photos
Step 3:  What color jumps out at you?  What color are the clothes your focal point is wearing, or what
              color is their fur, if they are your fuzzy family members.  Or, what colors are in the scenery?
Step 4.  Pick 2 colors from your focal point.  Select papers in these colors and put in a pile. 
Step 5:  Pick 2-3 neutral colors (black, gray, beige, wood grain, etc.) and put 'em in another pile.  
Step 6:  Place your photo on the stack of the 2 colors and select those that best highlight the photo. 
             (These are now your layering papers.) 
Step 7:   Now take this smaller stack and lay it on each of the neutral choices, until you hit
              on one that you like.  This is now your background paper. 
Step 8:  Choose another neutral or two that coordinates with the above choices (these will be your
              secondary photo layers, photo corners or a border around the edge of the page). 
Step 9:  Now using the above selected colors, go to your embellishments and choose
             stickers, tabs, flowers, thread, enamel dots,and alpha stickers. 

Now I'll go through my page...let's start at Step 4 and Step 6.  I chose blues, reds, and a tiny tad of an orange (cuz, I really wanted that word "fly"--- which ended being silly because I wound up covering the letters up with navy blue alpha stickers --- ah well, stuff happens!) 

The blues were to go with that gorgeous blue sky, the reds (and even the little bit of orange) went with the tail color.

Now back up for Step 5, 7 and 8:  I chose white  for the background paper, but also a gray-ish tan (it had little planes on it--had to do it.)  I trimmed the white down to show the red, tan, blue diagonal stripe as a page border.  The little gray-ish tan plane print was used as a layer under the photo, the blues and reds were used as longer vertical pieces. 

At Step 9, I used a repeat of one of the red papers at the left side of the layer and added part of a red, white and blue label, and part of a blue print scalloped circle to create a small cluster.  The other half of the circle got tucked in at the top of the photo and the other part of the label at the left side of the photo.  Other embellishments were a few navy blue paint splatters and enamel dots, little wood veneer planes, navy stripe vellum tape and a tan ticket stub. 

Reds, blues, white and tan.  (ok, and a wee bit of orange)

Now go forth and crash that stash!


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