Sunday, September 18, 2016

Crash Your Stash - Be Brave, Use an Entire Sheet of a Favorite Pattern!!!

There will be more soon on choosing a kit club; I just received my September kit from Scrapbook Circle (yeah!), but we were getting ready to depart for Wisconsin to visit kids and grandkids (double yeah!!), so I won't be working with the kit till we get back (sigh).

In between the arrival of kits, I've been working out of my stash.  Crashing my stash, as I am calling it these days.  Today's stash crash is about using a full sheet of a beloved pattern!

 Yikes using up a whole sheet of something I really like?  Kind of scary.  In the old days, I would hoard it, or only use it in pieces to try and make it last longer.  Now though, I know there will be more papers that I will love, more designs that will work equally well, and using this entire piece of paper will not prohibit me from making other pages that I will be happy with.  And, using that entire piece will keep it out of the scrap pile!

Not adding to your scrap pile is equally important to decreasing your stash!

The paper is a really pretty pastel city map, collage type print.  I love it.  But think about it, how many city-scape photos do I have? Not too many.  How many city scenes are going to go well with a pastel type interpretation?  Um, again, not many.  But I had this one photo (grandson's photo from his Australia/New Zealand/Hawaii trip) and this one photo really looked nice with the paper.

But the paper, even though it is pastel and soft in feeling, still seemed a bit too much all on its' own.  I thought about cutting it and only using a third or two thirds of it.  But that seemed only to harden the edges.  Then I laid a piece of vellum over about a third of the page.  BINGO! 

I did trim the edges of the print and used another piece of antique-y aqua (an old Basic Grey solid) under the print to provide a border. 

From there it was a matter of choosing layering papers (another piece of the aqua, as well as an antiqued pale green piece and more of the pink printed vellum), an alpha that would not over power the softer colors or seem to hard or harsh, and a couple few embellishment pieces (pre-stitched pastel printed pieces from Maggie Holmes I think ---Close Knit was the collection, and several pieces of printed vellum tape--a leftover from a kit.

You might notice that there is no journaling on several of these travel pages.  They are for my grandson, and I will have to "interview" him a bit to get some words of his to use on the page!

Woot, woot!  Another dent in the stash!  Another completed page! 

moving on,

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