Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Tip for Easier Stash Crashing!!!!

Just thought I'd yak about another way to choose papers and embellishments from your stash!

Think about creating a monochromatic layout.  That is, looking through your pile of papers and/or a stack of embellishments and pull out items following  the method of  1-2 neutrals plus 1 color choice.

Here's what I chose: 

1.  Wood grain background paper   (neutral---beige, gray, white, tan)
2.  Black small print for layering (neutral)
3.  Black cardstock to border page (neutral --- repeating the black in one of the layering papers)
4.  Solid gray and a gray/white small polka dot (neutral --- repeating colors of wood grain print)
5.  Scraps of aqua layering papers, both solid and prints, pulled more, but ended up using
     three different pieces of aqua papers (my one color)

6.  Aqua colored embellishments, stickers and alpha Thickers (repeating my one color choice)

7.  Black thread (repeating neutral)
8.  Black and tan banner (repeating neutrals)

9.  Wood veneer hearts (repeating neutral)

How did I choose aqua as my one color? was just a scrap laying on my desk and when I placed it under the edge of the photo of my grandson, I thought it looked nice.  That's it!  There were no real color choices to be made or conflicts, because the photo was a close-up of his face and he was wearing his black tux jacket with just a bit of that and his white dress shirt showing. 

Once my selections were made, it was just a matter of layering up the photo so that small slivers of color or print peeked out here and there.  And then tucked in some sticker banners, the speech bubble and the "awesome" sticker.

The page looked a bit square and sharp to me at this point, so I went back with some wadded up black thread and tucked that under the top left and bottom right corners of the layered photo.  Now I need to point out that I don't really stick everything down till I am truly sure that's where it's going.  In this case I had trimmed out the awesome sticker and just laid it in place still on it's slick backing sheet. Once the thread was tucked into place, then I peeled the sticker off it's backing and plunked 'er down!

The final step was to glue down a couple of little wood veneer hearts and to place small pieces of dimensional adhesive dots under the edges of the banners and speech bubble (to keep the outside edge of the sticker level with the layered photo).

Done and...        More.   Stash.  Used.   Up!

best to all,
Crash Your Stash!

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