Monday, September 19, 2016

Combining Techniques - Easier Yet Stash Crashing!!

Well, here we are with another edition of Crashing Your Stash and I guess what I want to talk about is how to combine a couple of the things I've prattled on about. And how, by combining techniques you can, again, make diving into your stash a little easier, a little quicker, the process a little bit smoother. 

You see, just like anything else, the more you perform certain tasks, the easier they become.  And by repeating techniques, the quicker the process can be! 

The above page sports an old photo, as well as older products!  It was left from a layout I had done several years ago, and I just wanted to make use of the photo and leave a little message for my granddaughter within the page. 

Papers are from Webster's Pages, a small collection pack I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I used the lime green and the gray, because those are the colors in her little outfit.  The pink came into the picture first because of the little flowers in the paper scattered amongst the word "Today".  But as I worked on the page, it occurred to me that the pink also highlighted that little pink face! 

The other repeating factor is the page design itself.   Do you notice the similarity between this 

and this?

Cluster at the top left, photo block with adjacent title is almost centered on the page, and a small cluster or detail at the bottom right.  

The two pages do not look alike, so even if they were in the same album I doubt that the casual observer would notice the page design.  But, they won't be in the same album, so that's a non-issue in any case.  The point is, you can repeat page designs, and keep that scrapping mojo moving! 

This page also demonstrates the color technique; pink and lime green were the actual colors and neutrals are the white and gray. 

I also got to cheat a little and make use of the word "Today" as my title and I used it as a prompt in my journaling.

The only other thing I did to this page was to add some depth to those little printed flowers on the title block by putting a tiny bit of Glossy Accents on each of the flower petals.  It adds a some sheen and makes them look somewhat richer, rather than totally flat.

As I said, papers are from Webster's Pages, the stitched embellishments are Crate Paper, the pink graph printed tabs are from Studio Calico, and the vellum tapes (left from a kit) might have been from Pretty Little Studio (?).

I hope you dig into your stash, declutter your desk, use up an opened pack of embellishments, so you can purchase some new fun things---guilt free! 

happy crashin'!!

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