Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dreamy White Milk Glass - Auction Find!

A couple few weeks ago I was yakking about attending auctions and how I was looking forward to an upcoming auction because there was this dreamy milk glass cake stand I was lusting over.  Then it snowed here.  Big time snow.  Well, not big time snow for folks from Wisconsin, but big time snow for folks in Kentucky (meaning our country road was a disaster). 

So, no auction and I assumed I had lost out on that particular cake stand.  But, behold!  They had not held the auction and held all of the items over for the following weekend.  Yeah!  Another chance! 

And win it I did!   I was super excited to get this pretty sample of milk glass for a whopping five dollars.   

I just love milk glass and am looking forward to adding some more pieces to my fledgling little collection.  The stemmed bowl sitting on top of the cake stand came from a thrift store, I think it was only three or four dollars.  And somewhere around here (still hiding in an unpacked box) I have a vase and a candy dish... It'll be like a mini Christmas when they turn up and I unwrap them! 

Hunting and finding these treasures is kind of addicting.  The thrill of the hunt, how inexpensively can I source the item(s), daydreaming over display  ideas.  This is as much fun as actually finding what you are looking for.  It takes patience, and knowing that if you don't win your item at auction, or don't find what you are looking for on this trip to the thrift store; there's always tomorrow or next week.  There will be another auction, there are more flea markets, plenty of antique stores, and soon there will be rummage and garage sales.  Have patience, there are good things out there. 

Ohhhh, come on spring and summer, I feel the need to prowl through a flea market or two or three. 



  1. Ooh yes! Lovely x

    1. So happy to see you visiting the blog here. So miss you and the whole interaction at FHW. But hope you are well and scrapping onward!!