Sunday, March 6, 2016

When I Disappear...

GAH!!.  *#&^@*&#@*  

When I disappear from blogging, facebook and pinterest, it's because we have used up our data for the month.  Just another wonderful plus to living in the country; we have no real internet service so we are working with a hotspot device.  Can you tell I am not so enthused? 

I have truly tried my best to plan for all the things I could do here to make this more palatable; a garden, flowers, a front porch to sit out on, planned on skyping with grandchildren and children, I would blog and facebook with friends and scrapping folks. 

Am checking into solutions.... yep, closed and removed a bunch of apps from our phones that we do not use.  Trying to be religious about closing all apps when we get done using phones so the apps are not continuing to update all the time.  Set them to manual update only. 

So, adapting to "country life" continues... 

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