Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Open Kitchen Shelving - a (small) success story

One would think that putting up 4 shelves is a somewhat small task, especially in comparison to the much more daunting tasks of replacing joists, leveling floors and replacing subfloors.  One would think that, hmmmm? Well "one" does not know my husband.  He is the king of procrastination when he does not want to do something.  Don't have the right materials, don't have the correct tools, and so on.  But that I entirely different subject, right?  And this time, I won! 

After weeks of debates, false starts, and do-overs, I have open shelves along one wall in the kitchen.  (Please bear in mind, the last coat of paint still needs to go on the walls, the new kitchen window is still sitting n the garage awaiting installation.  But I have shelves!!!!  Yippee, skippy! 

And here they are. 

I need to "style" them a little better.  Still have to dig about in boxes to locate more of my white dishes and I definitely need to introduce a natural element or two.  A little pot or two of fresh herbs might work. 

One thing (or four) off my list.  And as can plainly be seen, there are only a few more things to be completed.  Now, let's see.  Get rid of these awful cabinets, purchase, paint and install the new ones. The over-the-counter microwave, the dishwasher.  Install the new kitchen window, hang the pedestal light fixture.  Oh, yeah and new flooring.  Gee, almost done.  Yeah, maybe in September or October....  sigh.   

But I have open shelving in my kitchen.  And guess what, husband said that they turned out way better than he expected them to.  (duh)  I win!   Neener, neener. 

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