Friday, January 15, 2016

Living Through Home Renovation

Finding my happy whilst living through home renovations is proving to be, um challenging. 

So folks, this is a small view into my life over the past several months.  This was my kitchen....after removing the flooring and damaged joists and replacing said joists.    Now multiply this by 5.  The total rooms that also required joists and leveling.  Sigh. 

And this is the kitchen today.

I wish it was a total before and after thing going on here, with my dream white cabinets, gleaming white stoneware on display, pretty wood plank flooring, and soapstone countertops and farmhouse table.  Alas, an improvement, but nowhere near done. 

At the risk of otherwise never maintaining this blog I am going to make a concerted effort to find the creative (even if it is not scrapbooking related) and blog about whatever that may be.  And in doing so maintain both this blog and my sanity!

Cheers to sanity! 

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