Friday, June 19, 2015

All About the Layers - Say What!

Haven't been here the last several drama...  car repairs... drawings for permit applications (yep, if anyone reading this knows what we've been up to at all...six weeks later and we are still piddling about --- this is where the family drama came into play).  A.n.y.w.a.y.   I stole little bits and snips of time to try and get a little scrapping done...trying to soothe my nerves by playing with paper. 

Splashed some watercolor on the left side of the white cardstock and the snatched up lots of pieces, scraps cut aparts---all with the greens, yellows, and blues that are in our Jackson man's sleeper and the watercolor splishes and splashes.  Then cut and tucked the various pieces (20 pieces in all here)until I was happy with the layering "stack."  Then plunked my photo on top of the whole pile. 

Once the photo was in place, it was easier to see where the "stack"  needed a another layer.  That was where some stickers came into play.  Added the two banner type stickers, the "today" and a couple of flowers (not too many---it is still a boy page after all!).  The cool thing is that making a pile of layering papers and stapling it together means I can adjust it on the page right up until the last moment.  (For those of us who suffer from indecision-itus!!) 

Once the layers and photo were assembled and in place on the page, it was time to add the title, enamel dots, journaling and a few coordinating pieces at the top of the page.  Alpha stickers from my ages old Echo Park About a Boy sheet... Gosh, been using this one collection for years it seems!  I guess I shouldn't complain.  Afterall, I've more than gotten my money's worth out of it!!!  But I think I may be hitting the proverbial wall....  am definitely feeling the need to look at some new stuff.  This buying freeze has lasted six months!!!! 

Even though using multiple layers of  papers under my photos isn't a new thing.  I had never piled up a big ol' stack and then stuck the photo on.  And this did work pretty slick! 

So,  glad to be back in blog-land.  So glad to have stolen some time to scrap!  And especially glad to find another technique for making up layers. 


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