Tuesday, June 9, 2015

An Era Lost - A Travel Page That Almost Wasn't

Yep, almost chucked the whole thing right into the trash.

It was taking up the photo layers for the third time to try another background sheet, that I about made a big old crinkled up paper ball for kitty to play with.  The layered photos came up, but the title had to be redone each time...that was the kicker. 

Really...three tries and I come up with plain white?  Well truthfully all the background papers started out white, one with a watercolor background... truly nasty...I used a gold color wash and when completed it appeared that a toddler in potty training had left  little golden puddles.    So, no.  


Luckily the embellishment cluster had not been permanently glued into place cuz that's what someone wants to do is rework embellishments three times over! 

Then I tried a white background with a penned outline around the photo layers.  Oh, so not a good choice.  After flinging the thing down on top of  a few scraps lying about, the red piece peeking out looked kind of nice.   Oh so quickly I got another white piece,  trimmed it down and layered it onto a red patterned paper.... Not what I originally had in mind, but oh so much better than the previous futile attempts. 

And finally, a truly plain white background won out.  No watercolor, no pen work, not even any paint splatters. 

The page itself is about the deserted motels along the old Route 66.  Very nostalgic and very sad to see them in disrepair.  This is where America vacationed in the "good old days".  Families taking to the highways and pulling into the motels at the end of the day,  kids in the backseat clamoring for a motel with a pool.  Travel by plane was not so common then...the everyday family took to the road, not the air.

How is it that you can move right along some days just happily making pages and then one day something as simple as choosing a background stops you cold?

Seriously, how? 



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