Monday, June 22, 2015

Choosing and Mixing Patterned Papers - A Texas Breakfast

I thought I was going to talk about paper layers (again... yawn).  OK, so that sounded b.o.r.i.n.g.  Seven different papers layered up creating the background...tore some, cut some, layered 'em up.  But why those papers?  H-m-m-m-m.  Now there's a much better topic. 

It all started with a page I saw a you tube video on (and I wish I remembered whose video it was, but I don't---if I can go back and find it I will edit this post and include a link).  Layout is not the same as hers, colors are not the same, style is not even the same... but I really wanted to have torn paper layers across the top of the page like hers.  So that's where I started. 

Now which papers?  Well since my subject matter was my Texas shaped waffle, I pulled several homespun type patterns.  Ones that might have appeared in a country kitchen or old time roadside diner (at least in my imagination).  Those are the teeny floral pattern and the blue circle repeat pattern. 

Then I thought there needed to be some sort of break between the two patterns and added the little strip of ruler or tape measure looking print.  Better, but not enough of a barrier between the two kitchen-y prints. 

Next came the diagonal aqua-green stripe (always love a diagonal stripe).  And I almost thought I was done, but that black print with the arrows on it was still calling me.  I had tried using it as a larger torn piece and it was too much dark, but tucked in so only a sliver of it showed was just right!  It picks up the dark background on my photo (and I didn't know it yet, but it also picks up the dark charcoal color of the leaves on one of the photo layers--bonus!).  Tucked in a piece of a doily and one half of a little blue doily sticker (the other halves show up on the photo layers). 

Layered the photo on top of two clusters of ephemera (quite a while back I stapled stacks of Maggie Holmes ephemera pieces together --cuz you sure do get a lot of pieces in those packs!).  I did have to pull up the "3" and the blue bow and re-staple so they would fit right, but no big deal to do that. 


Then the alpha sets... the blue is from Basic Grey (old, old, old) and the brown is a Thickers set that I thought was perfect for a western feel.  Felt good to finally use some of those brown Thickers...only been hoarding that for (gulp) a year or so!  I just cannot let go of my Thickers.  (Is there a Thickers self-help group anyone?) 

And now I am probably heading back to Michaels, because this particular store has several Thickers sets I've not seen ,well not in person anyway---probably scoped them out online. (Great, now I am stalking Thickers.) 

oh, thit, I have a Thicker thtuck to my thoe.... 


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