Thursday, May 21, 2015

Picking, and Packing Page Kit Papers (say that ten times fast)

The photo is not the best, was a bit windy on the patio so I snapped the page photos pretty quickly.  

Picking papers for a photo usually starts with color for me. I grab papers...multiple shades and combos of the colors represented in the photo.  I normally do not start with a pre-conceived idea of how the page is going to be arranged, so I pick both full size patterned papers and leftover cuts. And I do the same thing with cardstock... Think lather, rinse, repeat...( never did understand why those instructions were necessary on a bottle of shampoo). 

On this page, I wanted blues and grays (honing in on the water and the buildings).  I also wanted a neutral background, so in the page planner I included white, gray and beige 12x12 cardstock sheets, as well as a couple of options of map paper (only one of which I wound up cutting and using to break up the white), plus several smaller cut pieces of patterned paper in the blues and grays. 

Now to pack up kits, I use Cropper Hopper Page Planners.  I used to use 2-gallon plastic zip bags and those do work, but man, they slip and slide all over (and under) the place.  They would slide under other page kits and supplies in my tote or in a drawer, thereby bending papers and sometimes photos, requiring rather undesirable and inappropriate language...thereby altering my scrapbooking mojo a bit.... 

Besides the sliding about, zip lock bags do not have the half pouch on the backside like the page planners do, nor do they have the smaller pouch on the front keeping your photos easily at hand.  I use the pouch at the back for a selection of embellishments and for the small-ish scraps of papers, as well as ribbon or twine. 

When the page is complete, any leftover papers, embellishments and such get stored all together in one page planner, the other empty page planners easily slide into the front of my tote (in front of the remaining packed page planners -- or if at home I just make a stack of them under the desk).
Page Planners by Cropper Hopper, a very good thing!  They used to be sold in packages of three, not sure how they are sold now--I've had mine for years.  And how many?  That depends on how many pages you pack for a crop or how far out you like to plan your pages.  Sometimes I use the page planner to hold things I am acquiring for if you have some papers, but have ordered the embellishments for a particular line.  I think I must have 27-30 of them total.  (Told you--I love them.) 

Anyway, I have droned on about packing and selecting.... the above page is of the photos my grandson took from his hotel room view of Australia.  Part of the project I am making for him about his trip last summer.   Map papers were from Heidi Swapp, the No Limits paper pad.  I added a piece of patterned vellum, the charcoal gray patterned piece I think is an old, old, Cloud 9 paper, and the tags are from Crate and Heidi Swapp.  Alpha set is a foam Thickers set, and the enamel dots are from my stash of homemade(s). 

be happy, play with paper...

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