Monday, February 16, 2015

Challenge: Layout #2 - Happy Dog

I thought I'd do a page about one of our dogs, Abbie, for the challenge.  They are getting on in years now.  Getting gray in the muzzle. moving a little slower.  But they sleep right next to me at night (have to watch where I place my feet or I'm gonna trip on one of them in them in the middle of the night!), follow me to the bathroom, are waiting at the door when I get home.  They are truly unconditional love. 

I used several irregularly cut strips to create the border around the page, curled the edges a bit and then used the same papers (sometimes the flip side) to layer up under the two 4x4 photos.  I wanted to use at least some of the alpha set that was included in the collection pack, but I have to say I am not a fan of the printed burlap.  (What was I thinking when I bought this?  Not a clue.  I mean I still do like most of the papers... but not the burlap print...) But I was determined to use it.  I had also purchased a set of cork die cut words at the same time as the collection pack, so I included this pack in my challenge.  And I do like those.  Although the cork is rather brittle and you really can't go yanking it off the acetate or it will tear.  A gentler touch works just fine. 

Anyway, I went on and cut some banners, added one of the flair badges, tucked in a couple of those mini sign things and a tab.  Used one of the cork words as part of the title and used the alpha set for "dog".  Last I added the shorter banners at the top of the page and a couple of the stickers.  I always seem to do the smaller clusters at the top or sides of my page real reason...that's just how it seems to work out.   

That was it.  This one didn't take very long at all to do.  Kind of happy about that.  And kind of happy to be using this collection up! 


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