Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sweater Weather Layout #4 - Found!

Oh my goodness, I so love the woodblock print from Kaisercraft that was included in this kit!  And I knew as soon as I saw it what photo I was going to use with it. 

You see, we have done a whole lotta cleaning out around here what with readying the house for showings and getting ready for our move.  After 25 years in one house, you tend to lose sight of just how much stuff you have acquired (ahem...stashed, hoarded, forgotten about....)  And then sometimes, you are greeted with a surprise. 

One day husband of mine called me to the garage door and wanted to know if I was going to get rid of this sewing machine... to which I replied, I already got rid of my old sewing machine.  He then inquired, well then what's this?  I took one look at the case and told him, I've never seen this before! 
Apparently the machine has been up in the rafters in our garage ever since we bought the house 25 years ago.  I think it's a keeper---heavy as all get out though.  Man is this sucker heavy!  But it's so neat looking and there is this really cool brass plate on the front that says Made in West Germany.  Now I don't really know anything about old sewing machines...but I know what I like and I really do like the looks of this old machine.   

I started with a piece of black cardstock and placed about a 4-inch wide slice of the wood block print paper, added a teeny little strip of the My Mind's Eye woodgrain and then trimmed one of the border stickers into a skinnier strip to define the left side of the page.  I also used a piece of the vellum that came in the kit (from Webster's Pages, their Hall Pass collection) to layer the photo on top of.  Popped the photo up, but also added some old fashioned black photo corners and a couple of photo turns (from my stash--7 Gypsies) in keeping with the vintage vibe thing I was aiming for.  I originally thought I would use the darker woodgrain alpha from the kit for the title and was going to place it in the open block of vellum (where I now have my journaling), but the alpha was just too small and not quite bold enough.  I opted for a black foam Thickers alpha for the title and placed it on the right side, journaling then went on the left side.  Also from my stash are the several torn strips of black diagonal striped washi tape and the tab at the top of the photo.   A little outlining on the black cardstock with a white pen and I figured I better quit while I was ahead. 

(I just noticed that that one of the photo corners is coming the look of the old fashioned photo corners, but they can be real buggers to work with!   A new one with a little dab of glue has this situation remedied!) 

Layout # 4 and still counting!

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