Monday, December 15, 2014

More is Better

Sometimes serendipity takes over... "more is better" not only applies to my page title but is also pretty descriptive of the page design. 

I was watching a video on ohsnapgonzo's you tube channel and she was working up a layout with all these strips of paper and I thought it was so very cool that she was not seeming to worry about color coordinating anything, but was just going for it, gluing all the strips across the page and curling up some of the edges.  Plus, what a wonderful way to use up scraps! 

So here's my take on the strip piecing technique. 

The Jacob man insisted (way back when--I think he was 4 here) that he could indeed wear both pair of he did.  More is better, he said. 

And with all the paper layers on this page...more is also better....  Plus it was just a lot of fun to grab a stack of strips and start gluing 'em down.  Now I think this technique would look really good with stitching across the strips.  But with no sewing machine, I opted to draw in some sketchy black pen lines on some of the paper strips.  And since there is so much going on with all the various paper patterns, I trimmed the whole thing down and centered it on a black piece of cardstock and kept embellishments to a minimum. 

I also spied another layout done using the same paper strips kind of technique, but this one arranged the strips by color, in a rainbow fashion. I think I have this layout pinned in my scrapbook folder on pinterest. 

But I thought I would try the technique on a more monochromatic page.  And this time, I only did a half page with the strips, varied the width of the paper strips more, inserted some scalloped border punched pieces plus a couple of stitched border pieces (those were from Basic Grey).   

I will definitely be using this method again.  Loved using up all those bits and pieces!  (Yeah, I know, it's getting a little weird how much I am into the using up the scraps thing.  Just. Cannot. Seem. To. Stop.   Note:  I also do not seem to have any shortage of scraps with which to amuse myself. )

does this require a 12-step program? 

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