Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Little Glitter Here, A Little Glitter There, Lots of Glitter Everywhere!

An ornament making frenzy going on here this weekend. 

I did take some photos, because making ornaments has been a big part of my Christmas'es for a long time and I've never scrapbooked that.  Silly Nana.  We'll work on that, amongst other things. 

Here's just a sampling... 

Nope, not cookies (for whatever reason we've never even made Gingerbread cookies for Christmas...we make White Chocolate Dipped Molasses Cookies, but not Gingerbread Cut Outs.  
These are salt dough ornaments, these and the snowflakes--I just added cinnamon to the gingerbread-y looking ones.  And then "frosted" them with puffy paint and glitter glue, adding a final dusting of fine white glitter.  Small gingerbread men, large ones, snowflakes, snowman faces (not pictured--maybe later), trees, and hearts in two sizes.   

This is what they look like, just out of the oven.  Have to add some Distress Stain from Tim to get rid of the white edges and deepen the color a bit. 

These are the plain salt dough ornaments, embellished with the glitter glue, puffy paint, and loose glitter. 

Then it was one to glitter swirled glass ornaments.  Can't take any credit for this idea either...there was a gentleman that made these for a local craft fair a couple of years ago and I just loved them (bought several for my daughter).  Anyway, I thought I'd give them a try. 

Yikes, these are really bad photos!  (More subject matter for the what to do with poor photos line of posts, I guess.) 

In years past, I've usually made ornaments which required sewing...  I may still try a couple of hand sewn felt stockings or mittens...but just to use as package décor.  I don't think my hands will allow me to make too many of those. 

Oh, and just wait till I show you the gift card holders!  Not today I am headed to my daughter's house for the making of the Christmas cookies (or at least the start or the cookie baking extravaganza). 

get your glitter on, girls,

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