Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's fall and all, but I think I better get these prom pages posted --- before the boy graduates from college.  Har--dee-har-har. 

Jacob was on prom court and the boys all went for tuxes together.  They picked out fairly traditional suits...except for their vests.  The vests were, um.... camo print.  Yep, camouflage print tuxedo vests.  They were then trying to talk the girls into wearing work boots -- yeah, not happening. 

What actually took the longest to do on this page was the title, getting it all lined up, nice and straight.    I didn't want a lot going on in the way of background, so I only used a small print to mat the three photos.  And then started arranging strips of washi tape horizontally as a base to lay the matted photos on.  Sticking with a monochromatic black, grey and white helped tone down the busy feeling that having so many people in a photo can create. 

The boys were really pretty good about getting their pictures taken, they posed again and again and were having a good time hamming it up for the camera(s).  And, yes, that would be my grandson in the middle photo being held up by his comrades in tuxes.  

It's Thursday already and I am looking forward to spending time with the little grandies this weekend.  We'll bake, maybe break out the watercolors, and there might be pumpkins involved. 

Happy Fall, Ya'all.

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