Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I get this question a - lot.  So thought I would share some tips and tricks for packing for a crop.  I see lots of ladies making multiple trips in the door with box after box (plastic storage box type boxes); rolling in really huge (really. huge.) tool type boxes; every conceivable type of rolling tote, crate, or suitcase; and all types of shoulder bags and totes.  I'm NOT judging...  whatever floats your boat.

But for me, (and remember I am the dictionary definition of a lazy scrapper), if I cannot drag it in the door in one trip, it ain't comin' along.  Period. Case-closed.  That's it.  One trip.  Now when we put on Scrapathon I am only cropping part of the day, since I (alas) must work the other part.  But that is still 8 hours of crop time I am packing for.  (Our big event is 16 hours---for those of you not local.)

This is how I do it.

Packing for a Crop - Part One

Select photos and group by layout. 

Select patterned papers that may (or may not) go with  the photos.  I usually select a number of coordinating papers.  I may use them all--or I might just choose a couple of the assortment.  Sometimes I have a  really solid idea for the papers and page ahead of time (like I did with the page about my mom--just knew that paper would work!), but other times not so much.  I just start pulling papers. 

Select several solid cardstocks that coordinate with the patterned paper. Several sheets of each color.  I may use them as the base for the layout, they may be sliced up for punching borders, or they may be used as photo mats or for journaling...just don't know at this point.

Select ribbon, stickers, flowers or other embellishments that I think may go with the papers chosen or the topic.

Now, packing it all up.  Two words.  Page. Planners.  By Cropper Hopper.  Nope, I don't work for them, just love the page planners.  SeriouslyLovePage.  Planners.

I used to use 2 1/2 gallon zip lock bags.  And these will hold quite a bit of stuff.  But the suckers slide all over the place, won't stand up in my tote, everything smaller falls to the bottom.  One more time.  Say it with me. Page. Planners. 

I pack these up whenever I have a little time, but not enough to actually sit and scrap.  Always have a stack of page planners in my tote, ready to go.  So this most time consuming part of the process is pretty much done and is always ready to go. 

And this brings me to my totes. I use the Mimi Large rolling tote and shoulder bag and an off name brand table top tote. That's it... that's all I pack. (Unfortunately, the Mimi's are no longer available, which is truly a shame; they are wonderful.)

The page planners rotate in and out of the rolling tote. (Cuz I have a stack of them next to my desk and another bunch in a drawer). 

I keep several containers in my rolling tote that get refilled as needed (miscellaneous paper and felt flowers, miscellaneous ribbons, brads, buttons and bling).  I keep a divided paper holder in my tote, not for paper; it holds alpha stickers! 

The rest has to be packed before the crop.  Details in Part 2!


  1. Thanks for the helpful tips. I always want to bring my whole craft room.

  2. great ideas! packing is always the hardest part of a crop for me :)