Wednesday, December 15, 2010

White Christmas

I finally got around to catching a couple of photos---the first is a very white and fluffy wreath. 

It's made of from a coat hanger and lots of pieces of plain white cotton twill ribbon are tied on.  Then we filled in here and there with bits and scraps of other white and silver ribbons found in the scrap box.  Hanging in the store window it almost appears feathery.  I just love how fluffy and light this looks. 

And then here is a very poor view of the tree I made for the window.  The other views (from outside, through the window are the good ones).  But a few of the roses show in this photo, so I am posting it anyway. 

The roses are made using the Sizzix Flower #5 die, grunge paper, pearl dabber paint, metallic gold and pearlescent beige brilliance inks.  They are glued to magnets so they can be rearranged on the tree or removed for other seasonal decor.  I also tied on some ivory tulle and stuck some pearls on the tulle.   I think before I give this away at Christmas I will need to add a few more grunge roses, at least to this side anyway. 

So this is my kind of White Christmas, not that other frozen, slippery stuff that we have outside right now.  If it could snow all light and fluffy, that would be one thing.  But that rarely happens here. Today was sunny at least and after the bitter cold that followed last weekends snow, the sun has been a welcome relief!  Tomorrow more snow... so goes winter here in Wisconsin.

On my to do list for this week: 
--finish 7 Gypsy printers trays (gifts) almost done, needed the photos I had printed this evening
--finish handmade ornament (gift), almost done
--get my Christmas cards done (notice I did not say finish, as in I have not started them.  heavy sigh)
--wrap and mail packages to CA
--somewhere in here I should be baking some cookies, but I don't see that happening till maybe Sunday night

hmmm, it's possible. 

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