Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Year

It is a whole new year...  and with that new wishes for prosperity, health, and joy.  And, along with a new calendar year also comes planning for new projects for the coming months, researching new products and new techniques, and revisiting old favorites.  For me, this is the best part of January!   I love the plotting and planning, scheming and dreaming.  And lists!  I love lists!!!  I make lists of projects I want to try, products  to buy, companies to look into, what translates into good make and takes, what works better in a class format.

This is also the time of year that forces us to take a look at what we have and think about what we can do with it.  Remember this is the time of year when there is not much in the way of new product that is even available.  Everything new waits until after CHA at the end of January with deliveries coming Feburary through May.

This is partially what prompted the first Power Pages event.  It's January, it's cold, we want to scrapbook.  What do we have?  How can we make it new?  Can we use an old favorite in a new way?

I am almost done with all the page designs.  Sometimes I go back and tweak here and there.   Add a little sparkle or another punch or two...  

So here are a couple of teasers from this January's Power Pages. I've had such a good time making them.  Hope everyone else likes them as much as I do!

Oh what the heck, here's another peek. 

And so, it is a New Year.  I hope everyone's hopes and dreams come true this year. 

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