Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's Call It a Sabbatical...

Wow this has been quite the blogging absence.  So I am calling it a blogging sabbatical.  No excuses, started with the CHA orders, wound into scrapathon designing and new merchandise rolling in the door, then card marathon, etc. etc. etc.  I should just plan on taking August-October off (from everything other than sleeping, laundry, work and cooking--sometimes not cooking either...cereal works for supper doesn't it?) 

I kept wanting to post here, but I always think I have to have a photo to accompany my posts.  I am putting that aside (momentarily--just to get a post written and up!) I am not so good at taking photos of projects at night--the lighting in my house is not so good.  I will need to take them either at the store or early in the a.m. (on the front porch---that seems to work the best).  So, photos later--posting first! 

But things are back to normal, whatever that is...  I finally found the bottom of my desk this past weekend and am hoping to spend a few evenings up there actually creating.  It was so good to spend those couple of days hiding out up there, sorting papers, filing pages, capturing loose ribbons and putting them away in jars.  Makes me really want to get going again on my own pages and projects. 

So, I'm back.  Photos, pages and projects forthcoming.  (really) 



  1. Great to see you back on your blog!
    Here's to Miracle on Main St. and to some you time!

  2. Glad your back. I was worried - Kristie